Tigress episode exposes dearth of gadgets, drugs- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The nearly-successful escape attempt by a tigress at the Neyyar Safari Park has exposed a serious dearth of infrastructure, gadgets, and supplies available with the Forest department. The district veterinarian did not even have a gun to dart the big cat with or the medicines to tranquillize it, after it was spotted on the park premises hours after it escaped from its cage. When such contingencies arise, the forest authorities are forced to bank on the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo for supplies.

When Thiruvananthapuram Zoo’s senior veterinary surgeon Dr Jacob Alexander, his deputy Dr R Vishnu, and Dr T Rajeev of the Elephant Squad, Thiruvananthapuram, were asked to help the Neyyar Safari Park authorities tranquillize the tigress on Saturday, they were caught unawares. The Safari Park officials had not made any contingency plans. Fortunately, the expert team carried all equipment, air-powered guns, and a combination of Xylazine

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Natural Cycles wants to create wearable birth control

Natural Cycles, the first “digital birth control” to get sign-off from the Food and Drug Administration, is back. This time, it’s asking the agency to authorize integration with wearable devices like the Oura Ring. The feature could make it easier for users to use the app properly, but it doesn’t sidestep some of the existing issues with app-based birth control.

The Natural Cycles app uses daily temperature measurements and period cycle tracking to predict the days someone is least likely to get pregnant. It falls under the broad category of fertility awareness birth control methods, where people track when they’d be ovulating and use that information to figure out when they’d have the best chance of conceiving. It tends to be conflated with the rhythm method, which is ineffective, but when done properly, fertility awareness can be as or more effective than hormonal birth control pills.

App users have to

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Still no internet after Zeta? Many in New Orleans area face this hurdle as power returns | Business News

In the hours after Hurricane Zeta passed through the New Orleans area, hundreds of thousands of people asked the age-old Louisiana question: When will my lights come back on?

But with electricity mostly flowing seven days later, residents have turned to its 21st century corollary: When will I get my internet back?

Cox, AT&T won’t say how many customers are cut off

Internet service necessarily follows power: no electricity, no World Wide Web access. But the length of the lag, especially with Cox Communications and AT&T customers, has raised eyebrows. And the difficulty of getting a straight answer has driven scads of residents to complain.

“I have had a lot of trouble with Cox,” Kenner resident Vincent Provenza said. Like many, Provenza lost power Oct. 28 as Zeta pounded southeast Louisiana. His power came back about 24 hours later, but as of Tuesday afternoon, he said he still didn’t have

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Footballer Ryan Sessegnon speaks out on racist abuse received online

Ryan Sessegnon, a promising 20-year-old English footballer, says he is “not surprised anymore” and disgusted after he shared a screenshot of racist messages he received on the social media platform Instagram​ calling him the n-word and “slave.”

a man holding a ball: Ryan Sessegnon is playing for Hoffenheim on loan from Tottenham.

© Matthias Hangst/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images
Ryan Sessegnon is playing for Hoffenheim on loan from Tottenham.

The England Under-21 winger, who joined Bundesliga club Hoffenheim on loan from Tottenham Hotspur last month, posted the screenshot on his Instagram story.

He wrote ​at the top of the screenshot: “Honestly unbelievable. The craziest thing is I’m not even surprised anymore. Disgusting.”

In a statement, his parent club Tottenham Hotspur tweeted: “Everyone at the club is with you @RyanSessegnon. We are proud of the rich ethnic diversity that exists across our communities, fans, staff and players.”

“We are driven by inclusion and equality for all and nobody should have to endure such repulsive abuse,”

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Pennsylvania Election Misinformation Floods Web

Sopa Images / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty

Just after 7 a.m. on Election Day, Trump campaign staffer Mike Roman tweeted photos of Democratic campaign posters taped outside a Pennsylvania polling station.

“Bad things are happening in Philly,” he wrote, implying the sign broke election laws forbidding campaigning within 10 feet of a polling station.

The Philadelphia district attorney’s office debunked the claim three hours later, tweeting, “What’s described in that tweet is disinformation.”

But, hours later, misleading and false information about the state had flooded the internet. It began before Election Day, according to the New York Times, and continued today, as rumors and falsehoods have been spread by confused people, right-wing influencers, and the Twitter account of the state Republican party.

“The online misinformation has been relentless,” Jane Roh, a spokesperson for the district attorney’s office, told BuzzFeed News. “Have never seen anything like this.”

BuzzFeed News

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Sean Hannity’s Site Gets Roasted Over Ilhan Omar Election Day Voting Post

Sean Hannity Back on Top on Primetime in Overall Viewers

Fox News host Sean Hannity’s politics commentary website got roasted by Twitter users on Tuesday for attempting to place Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on blast for encouraging same-day voting in Minnesota.

“NOT A JOKE: Ilhan Omar Tells Residents ‘You Don’t Have to be Registered to Vote’ in Minnesota,” touted a headline and attached article sent out by Hannity’s Twitter account to his over 5.3 million followers on Tuesday afternoon.

Screenshot via Twitter

Hannity’s short post features two small graphs, which neglected to mention that Omar’s statement is 100% factually correct.

“Controversial Congresswoman Ilhan Omar shocked users on social media Tuesday when she claimed ‘You don’t have to be registered to vote in Minnesota’ because the state has ‘same day registration at the polls,’” the article states.

Business Insider senior politics reporter Grace Panetta pointed out that Omar’s voting comment was spot on.

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“Stay Home” robocalls to voters prompt FBI, FCC investigations

Voters in Michigan, one of the states where residents received misleading robocalls about the election, casting their ballots on November 3, 2020.
Enlarge / Voters in Michigan, one of the states where residents received misleading robocalls about the election, casting their ballots on November 3, 2020.

Both the FBI and the Federal Communications Commission are investigating a series of suspicious robocalls that warned recipients to “stay home” on Election Day in an apparent attempt at voter suppression.

Voters around the nation have received approximately 10 million of the automated “stay safe and stay home” calls, The Washington Post was first to report. YouMail, which offers smartphone apps for blocking spam calls, told the Post that the calls have been received in roughly 88 percent of all US area codes since the summer.

“If you wanted to cause havoc in America for the elections, one way to do it is clearly robocalling,” YouMail CEO Alex Quilici told the Post. State and federal officials evidently agree.

Voters have also been receiving suspicious and deceptive

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12v and USB-charged gadgets for the road can be handy or just plain fun | The Canberra Times


Some cars are loaded with gadgets and functions these days. Some are for safety, others for comfort or convenience, and more still for the entertainment of the driver or passengers. If yours isn’t packed to the roof liner yet, or even if it is, you can still find a vast array of useful (or novel but ultimately useless) devices that you can plug in to run or recharge while you’re driving. Looking into this could also help you find that interesting gift for someone whom you know spends a lot of time on the road (or on a computer). Many of you will still be able to utilise the old-school cigarette lighter port, with anything from heated thermal mugs that keep your favourite beverage warm to camping cooler boxes and much more. You can also run or recharge an unimaginable variety of gadgets off a USB port, when you

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The Witcher 3 Has No Load Screens For Fast Travel On Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X has been sent out to many press and streamers, and videos of various Xbox One games running much faster are emerging. With the Xbox Series X launch line-up looking pretty thin, much of the appeal for new console owners will come from revisiting older titles and seeing how the new system’s features enhances them.

Now, thanks to one streamer’s video of The Witcher 3 running on a Series X, we can check out the advantages of super-boosted loading times. YouTuber rubhen925 has shared nearly two hours of footage, showing the game running on the new system. While the full video is worth a watch, the most exciting part, funnily enough, comes when fast travel is used.

The GIF from the video below happens just past the 1 hour 14 minute mark in the video, and it shows what happens when you fast travel. There’s no loading

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Brain Tumor Therapeutics Market Research Report by Type, by Therapy – Global Forecast to 2025

Brain Tumor Therapeutics Market Research Report by Type (Glioblastoma, Meningioma, and Pituitary Tumors), by Therapy (Gene Therapy, Immunotherapy, and Tissue Engineering) – Global Forecast to 2025 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19

New York, Nov. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reportlinker.com announces the release of the report “Brain Tumor Therapeutics Market Research Report by Type, by Therapy – Global Forecast to 2025 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19” – https://www.reportlinker.com/p05913675/?utm_source=GNW

The Global Brain Tumor Therapeutics Market is expected to grow from USD 2,252.58 Million in 2019 to USD 3,420.14 Million by the end of 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.20%.

Market Segmentation & Coverage:
This research report categorizes the Brain Tumor Therapeutics to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following sub-markets:

Based on Type, the Brain Tumor Therapeutics Market studied across Glioblastoma, Meningioma, and Pituitary Tumors.

Based on Therapy, the Brain Tumor Therapeutics

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