Bootstrapped Clearfind wants to cut your software spend, for a small fee

Software is eating the world, and that grub can be costly. As the market for enterprise tools and software continues to balloon, organizations are spending more and more on that software across an increasingly complicated and rapidly evolving landscape.

That’s where Clearfind comes in.

Clearfind was founded (and bootstrapped) by James Layfield and Jocelyn Simons. The startup aims to provide clarity and transparency to organizations looking to buy enterprise software. Over the past two years, Clearfind has been building out its backend, which is a mix of machine learning and humans, to distill a software offering down to its features.

When clients join the Clearfind platform, they give the startup access to their backend through integrations with products like Sage, Quickbooks, SAP, etc. so that Clearfind can take a look at their overall software spend. CIOs or CTOs can then see if there are any redundancies in their current software

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‘This Was News to Me’

About one week after suddenly becoming an internet star amid the presidential election, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki is answering burning questions from fans.

Kornacki, 41, chatted with NBC’s Savannah Sellers on Wednesday, telling her that his overnight stardom came as a surprise to him.

“Did you know how much the internet loved you?” Sellers asked, presenting a series of headlines about Kornacki.

“This was news to me, that there were things like this happening,” he replied.

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Sellers also showed him a picture of Chrissy Teigen’s phone background, which is a collage of pictures of the journalist. “I don’t like looking at that,” joked Kornacki, who serves as the National Political Correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC.

Kornacki earned praise during the election for his ongoing air-time and consistent updates, informing audiences on the latest poll numbers and sharing his analysis. Election day

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Tencent Ready to Make Case It Can Ride Out China Internet Storm

(Bloomberg) — Tencent Holdings Ltd. joined Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and much of China’s internet sector in a $290 billion selloff after Beijing signaled its strongest intentions yet to rein in Big Tech. Yet the social media and gaming giant is in some ways better shielded than its peers from any potential crackdown.


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Executives unfurling earnings Thursday will seek to reinforce perceptions Tencent isn’t in the same boat as fintech giant Ant Group Co., the Alibaba affiliate forced to call off what would’ve been the world’s largest initial public offering after Beijing tightened its control of online lending. Citigroup and JPMorgan were among brokerages that recommended investors buy Tencent during the sell-off.

For years, Tencent had been the more sedate runner-up to Jack Ma’s splashy Ant in the burgeoning field of internet finance, focusing more on bread-and-butter mobile payments via WeChat while ensuring enough capital to back up

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How to Dominate SEO in Small Markets [CASE STUDY]

Although Google’s algorithm is based on universal guidelines, every market is different from one another.

By this, I mean that an SEO campaign may differ if you’re targeting the search market in the U.S., compared to targeting small international markets like the Danish one.

International SEO practitioners get to learn and try a variety of tactics – most of which are based on American studies that have plenty of prospects and a lot of data.

But this isn’t always the case.

When doing SEO in smaller markets, you’ll meet challenges that can slow down your campaign.

You’ll probably know this from testing different tactics.

This was the case for me and a client in Denmark, and it’s still an issue for many companies all over the world.

You need to use what you have to work with and develop a strategy from there to grow in small but competitive markets.

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The Beginner’s Guide to SEO for 2021

Marketing in 2020 is different from what it used to be. Many companies spend a great amount of resources trying to find new ways to improve their marketing plan and get ahead of the game.

The Coronavirus made it clear that digital marketing is essential for a brand’s longevity and that brands without an online presence will face many challenges.

The problem is that it’s not enough for a brand to be online and create content. You need to concentrate on ranking for this content and get in front of Google’s eyes.

This is search engine optimization, which is vital for every marketing team in the field. According to research, many people never go past the first page of Google when they search.

Do you want to know the exact number? It’s 75%, which is a BIG number.

Search engine optimization is changing every year, and new challenges arise. This

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Global Debt Collection Software Market Trends, Report Research, Top Key Players, Development, Growth, Share Forecast Till 2027

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Nov 11, 2020 (The Expresswire) —
Fortune Business Insights offers a detailed overview of the global market in a report, titledDebt Collection Software Market Insights is designed to streamline the debt recovery process that helps in smooth debt collection software market. It assists debt collector organizations in managing workflow, complying with government regulations and online payment collection. The debt collection software handles every step of the loan recovery process that starts with gathering complete data of borrower, send overdue invoice reminders, follow up with phone calls, and manage debt collection. It also helps banking organizations to improve their productivity by automating the complete work related to debt collection. Additionally, the increasing need to reduce time and cost associated with the manual debt recovery process among financial organizations as well as the growing need to provide customer-centric

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Internet trolls seem to be faking Xbox Series X problems for memes

Microsoft’s latest next-gen console, the Xbox Series X (along with its smaller cousin, the Xbox Series S), has arrived. And with it comes a whole bunch of internet con artists trying to meme people into believing the new console is plagued by terrible issues.

You might, for example, have seen clips passed around the internet that showcased the Xbox Series X literally smoking. The posts would have you believe the blazing graphics of the Series X are so demanding they can cause an Xbox to catch fire, but the reality is much simpler than Xbox consoles spontaneously bursting into flame. What actually appears to be happening is that people are piping vape smoke into their new $500 consoles to give off the appearance of a fire to troll fans on social media.

(Please note that it probably isn’t a great idea to intentionally fill your brand-new console with water vapor,

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Stanford scientists’ computer model predicts COVID-19 spread in cities

A computer model using cellphone data to map the places people frequent every day in large cities may indicate that most COVID-19 infections occur at “superspreader” sites such as full-service restaurants, gyms and cafes.

The report, published Tuesday in the journal Nature, examined the data of 98 million Americans collected at 10 large U.S. cities, including San Francisco, for two months beginning in March. The data was then fed into an epidemiological model developed by a Stanford University-led team.

Jure Leskovec, the Stanford computer scientist who led the study, told Stanford News that the model analyzed how people of different demographic backgrounds and neighborhoods visited establishments that are more or less crowded.

“Based on all of this, we could predict the likelihood of new infections occurring at any given place or time,” he said.

Those predictions would later prove accurate based on the number of infections officially recorded by the

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New Data From Relocation Website

Since the advent of COVID-19, nearly twice as many residents are leaving Illinois than entering. Data from’s online Moving Cost Calculator shows most residents are relocating to Austin, Denver, and Los Angeles, while the most popular states included California, Florida, and Texas.

ATHENS, Ga., Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —, a moving company booking website, released new data indicating a 6.1% net increase in residents leaving Illinois since the rise of COVID-19 cases. 

“Between March 11, 2020, and September 23, our online Moving Cost Calculator received nearly twice as many outbound moving requests from Illinois than inbound,” said Ryan Carrigan, co-founder and CEO of According to Carrigan, 23.4% of moves out of the state took place during the state’s pandemic closures and amid the peak of new COVID-19 cases. 

“Even more people left Illinois as lockdown measures decreased

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MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki answers the internet’s burning questions, reacts to thirsty tweets

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Korsnacki.” “Map Daddy.” “Chart-throb.” As it’s wont to do, the internet went a little wild last week for MSNBC anchor Steve Kornacki, whose tireless statistical analysis throughout Election Day and its aftermath landed him in the hearts of cable news junkies everywhere. #KornackiThirst became a bona fide phenomenon online, with even such celebrities as Chrissy Teigen and Leslie Jones getting in on the action — but don’t worry, it hasn’t gone to Kornacki’s head.

A new clip from NBC News Now, NBC’s streaming news channel, features anchor Savannah Sellers walking Kornacki through his new viral fame, to which he reacts with apparent abashment. Upon being informed that he’s been designated “Twitter’s boyfriend,” Kornacki replies with a laugh, “I’m not even sure what that means, but okay.” (He’s not sure what “Kornacki the snacki” means, either.) He also reacts to Teigen’s new phone background featuring

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