How to Gain Online Presence With Search Engine Optimization

So you want your web site to rank on top of the pages of search engines. What you need is Search Engine Optimization or SEO . It is very essential for web site traffic building. That means your website must have a great amount of targeted visitors who will help in making your website visible in search engine pages. As an online marketer, you want your web site to increase search rankings. The majority of free traffic goes to the first page of the search engine rankings so that where where you need to be.

The primary search engine your web site needs to be in is in Google. While Yahoo and Bing are also famous search engines, Google grabs 60% of the entire search market. That means Google has the most number of visitors coming in to search for information. Now your goal is to submit to Google's criteria … Read More

Is A Data Breach Lurking In Your Software Supply Chain?

Chief Product Officer at GrammaTech, where he leads product strategy for the company’s application security testing product portfolio.

Just as the manufacturing sector has adopted the use of third-party providers to build their products, software development has created an extensive supply chain to address cost and time to market pressures for faster delivery of new applications and services. Virtually every modern custom-developed software application contains third-party components. These can be open source (OSS), custom ordered or commercial off the shelf (COTS) components. Lack of visibility into these building blocks poses a significant, and often underestimated, security risk. 

Consider the supply chain analogy in aerospace manufacturing. Today, virtually every part of an airplane is provided by third-party suppliers to the manufacturer for final assembly. Unlike software, each airplane has a detailed bill of materials that contains an audit trail for each component, including the supplier, where it was produced,

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Don’t waste your money on these gadgets

I hate to break it to you, but terrible tech exists.

Oh yes.

From things ranging from the super dangerous, things that are crimes against the planet, to things that are just plain rubbish. Here I’m going to take a tour of the best of the worst gadgets that you should avoid, doubly so if you’re thinking about giving them as gifts (although I’m certain that regular readers are too discerning to do that!).

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“Replacement” AirPods ear tips

Oh boy, has testing these been an odyssey of disappointment.

There are loads out there, and the photos/renderings of them make them seem well made, but in reality they are awful.

Every single set I’ve tested has been uncomfortable or don’t have the mesh to keep ear schmoo out of the AirPod or fall off (sometimes in your

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U.S. House Democrats Adopt Mobile Internet Voting for Leadership Contests | World News

(Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers used a mobile phone app over the last two weeks to remotely cast votes for the first time, according to technologists and some involved in the process, embracing technology to facilitate an internal party leadership contest.

The development marks a shift in how Congress is adapting to the internet, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Use of the app, named Markup ERVS, had not been publicly disclosed before Friday.

A total of 230 House of Representatives Democrats logged into Markup on their government-provided iPhones to cast votes stating their preference for House speaker, who will be elected by the full chamber early next month, said Markup spokesperson Colby Redmond.

The House Democrats also chose their caucus chair and committee heads through the app, which transfers data to staff in Washington.

Earlier this year, the House changed its procedures for voting on legislation by the full

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Brussels seeks to demand more from Big Tech in revamp of internet rules

The EU is considering two-tier legislation to impose greater responsibility on Big Tech over removal of illegal content and the fight against counterfeit products in the first overhaul of the bloc’s internet rules in two decades.

The bloc’s preferred option is to adopt “asymmetric measures” where more is demanded from Big Tech to enforce policing of online services and the smooth functioning of cross-border digital services, officials in Brussels said.

The move comes as groups such as Facebook and Google are accused of using their clout to undermine European rivals and confirms Big Tech’s worst fears that the rules will hit them harder.

“Asymmetric measures with stronger obligations for very large platforms, further clarifications of the liability regime for online intermediaries and EU governance with reinforced oversight and enforcement . . . [is] the preferred option,” a leaked document said.

Big Tech, mostly Silicon Valley-based groups, are likely to see

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In dozens of countries, governments rely on Internet shutdowns to hide repression

Our recent work suggests that shutdowns pose three major challenges for protest movements. Here’s what you need to know.

Protest movements rely increasingly on the Internet

Protest movements tend to grow rapidly and spontaneously without much prior in-person organization, making it difficult for protesters to revert to offline communication during an Internet blackout. As they become more established, many protest movements rely heavily on digital channels to reach new supporters.

Beyond coordination obstacles, shutdowns often are linked to violent repression. In a recent study, we analyzed how Internet accessibility enabled government-sanctioned violence in Syria. Throughout the Syrian conflict, the government of Bashar al-Assad has tightly controlled access to the Internet. While some of the country’s 14 governorates (a regional distinction) — such as Damascus and Latakia — have largely remained connected to the Internet, others have regularly been subjected to severe limitations and shutdowns.

Regional data on where the Internet

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Game to release PS5 stock on its website through online ‘Easter Egg’ hunt starting next week

GAME is launching an online “Easter Egg hunt” where eagle-eyed winners can bag themselves a sold-out PlayStation 5.

Starting next week, the Brit retailer will release clues on its website that lead gamers to one of more than 100 PlayStation prizes.

Gamers have struggled to get their hands on a PS5 after the console sold out around the world within minutes of launching last month


Gamers have struggled to get their hands on a PS5 after the console sold out around the world within minutes of launching last month

As well as four PS5 bundles up for grabs, players can also win accessory bundles and some of the next-gen console’s top games.

The contest launches on December 7 and is spread across five dates, closing on December 17.

“Easter eggs” will be disguised as PlayStation’s iconic triangle, circle, cross and square shapes on random web pages across the official Game site.

With more than 1,000 pages to scan through, that’s a daunting task, but Game says it will release clues on its official

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7 surprising smart home gadgets you haven’t seen before

Big brands like Google, Amazon and Philips Hue are renowned for their smart home innovations, but hundreds of smaller competitors are pushing boundaries, too. Sure, you probably won’t see the next big breakthrough in robotics or voice assistance coming from a 10-person team. But the most important innovations in our time often come in the form of increased energy efficiency, security and privacy — and smaller teams are expanding boundaries in those areas every year.

These are seven of the most interesting but difficult-to-categorize smart home accessories on the market right now. Whether you want to step up your home automation and smart home technology game or you’re looking to find a great gift for the tech lover in your life, you’re sure to find a unique smart home gadget on this list.


We’ve tested robot lawn mowers here at CNET, and while they’re definitely cool, they’re also pretty

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The world’s most popular programming languages

C was the most popular programming language in December 2020, according to the TIOBE Index.

This time last year, C was below Java in these rankings, but the latter programming language has lost 4.72% of popularity share since December 2019, which has allow C to claim the top spot.

According to the Index, Python – which is in third place – has gained the most popularity compared to December 2019, increasing by 1.9%.

TIOBE noted that it will be announcing its 2020 programming language of the year in January 2021, and will base this on which programming language has increased the most in the ratings over the course of 2020.

It noted that Python will almost certainly win this award as it has seen much more growth than any other programming language – with the closest competitors being C++ with 0.71%, Groovy with 0.69%, and R with 0.6%.

PYPL ratings

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ControlFlag: Machine programming research tool detects bugs in code

Intel unveiled ControlFlag – a machine programming research system that can autonomously detect errors in code. Even in its infancy, this self-supervised system shows promise as a productivity tool to assist software developers with the labor-intensive task of debugging.


In preliminary tests, ControlFlag trained and learned novel defects on over 1 billion unlabeled lines of production-quality code.

ControlFlag and debugging

In a world increasingly run by software, developers continue to spend a disproportionate amount of time fixing bugs rather than coding. It’s estimated that of the $1.25 trillion that software development costs the IT industry every year, 50 percent is spent debugging code.

Debugging is expected to take an even bigger toll on developers and the industry at large. As we progress into an era of heterogenous architectures — one defined by a mix of purpose-built processors to manage the massive sea of data available today — the software required

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