Is Your Internet Provider Blocking Your Emails Port 25 – Here’s How to Fix It

Almost a week ago I found out that I could not send emails using my desktop software such as (Outlook / Thunderbird). After speaking with my high speed internet provider I was told that they had recently started blocking port 25 – basically stopping me from sending emails.

So after speaking with the tech support staff they told me to try port 587 which did not work. So I called up my website administrator company and he said that by default it has to port 25 and like most others they only support port 25 for sending out emails.

After spending several hours researching this and trying several solutions, each crazier then the one before, I stumbled upon a solution that still allows me to send email from my computer using desktop software such as Thunderbird or Outlook.

Here are the old settings that used to … Read More

How to choose a dedicated development team?

Companies across the globe collaborate with outsourcing vendors to expand their aptitudes, tap into new markets, and optimize costs. Many of them consider hiring a dedicated development team to scale quickly, minimize costs, and reduce associated risks.

Let’s say you decided to partner with a dedicated development team in Ukraine. How to choose the right vendor among 185 companies on the market? Worry not; just follow our tips!

  1. Research & compare

There are numerous platforms specialized in ranking software development companies based on various metrics., The Manifest, GoodFirms, and others gather data such as portfolio, hour rates, industry focus, tech stack, and verified client reviews. You can start by looking at top firms in a required category or use filters for a targeted search.

  1. Validate skills & experience

Look for a company with experience in building dedicated software development teams. Check case studies on a vendor’s website to make Read More