3 Ways to Fix Errors on Your PC Without Being a Computer Geek

To fix errors on your Windows PC, there are 3 things which almost anyone can do:

1) Re-install / remove troublesome programs

Most of the time, single programs cause annoying errors or even fatal errors….

There have been instances of just starting a program resulting in Windows restarting, and it’s almost always down to a corruption somewhere in the program. This means that the program has either got a corrupt file or something else is wrong. To fix this, you can try re-installing the program in question. This will erase all the old data connected with the program and will put fresh new files in their place.

To do this, you just need to either put the installation CD into your hard drive or open “Setup.exe” again and then select “re-install”. If you can’t see the re-install option, you should uninstall the program and then install it again.

Please be warned that doing this WILL erase that program’s data from your computer, so make sure that you’ve got a backup before proceeding.

2) Perform a system restore

If you’re using Windows XP or Vista, you can actually use a feature called a “System Restore”. This is an inbuilt function in the later versions of Windows and is essentially a “backup facility” for your computer.


In there, you can select a date to restore your computer to, allowing you turn back the clock and restore the exact settings and environment your computer had at an earlier time. This is great because if you recently started seeing an error, you can get rid of it by performing one of these restore procedures.

3) Use An Error Fix Program to Get Rid Of Errors

If those other two methods don’t work, there’s always an “error fix” program to help solve your problems. This type of program has been designed to target all the “error hot spots” on your computer and fix them automatically.

It might sound a little strange that a software application can fix your computer’s errors for you but it does work…. and it works well because most computers have a central batch of errors which develop over time. These programs have been programmed to find ALL these errors and correct them accordingly.