7 Steps in Creating a Friendly Website for Business

In this era, digital world has become an inseparable part of our lives. People find and buy everything through digital (internet). In 2018, there are more than 21 billion internet users in Australia. The number is a lot and they can be the potential customers. To reach them, every business owner must connect their brand to digital world. 

The first thing needed to connect to digital world is a website. Create a website is not simple because you have to create a catchy and functional website for your business. You must pay attention for navigation, applications, and other features to make sure every visitor will have good experience in your website.  If you want to create a friendly website, here are 7 steps to help you:


This is an important foundation for creating a website, how much it costs and what is needed, what is the purpose of the website, how to create and develop it and so on. Planning is the first step to success. Do not let your confusion determine the steps, explore the knowledge from Website Development Gold Coast which is always present to accompany your steps.


When you design a website, you have to choose a right color scheme that makes a website look harmonious, not like a scene straight out of a horror movie. There are many color schemes generator that can help you choose the right scheme. After choose the right color scheme, you can begin to design the look of the website. Make sure you highlight “call to action” button to make it is more noticeable.


One thing you need to remember, you create the content not for yourself or search engines robots. The contents exit to help people learn about your brand, more specifically how your products or services can help them. When you create a content about your products or services, you must make it so people can get your message clearly. Don’t forget to choose who will create it and determine the determine the quality parameters of the content.


Of course, after all the stages above have passed, now is the time your website is uploaded. Choose the right domain name and use a special server that is created, purchased or rented. Please make sure you choose webhosting that is secured.


Ensure all website features function properly. Creating several prototype websites is an important step in doing this stage. Try to consult with a professional website consultant. For example, you can get complete information about website building by visiting Website Development Gold Coast. 


After all online settings are made, it’s time to do marketing/promotion so that what you offer is known or known to the public. This process is the spearhead of a business.

Services (Service)

A product sales process that includes support/customer service, information, transactions, delivery of goods, payment systems, after-sales service, and others.

Those are the basic steps that must be taken if you want to do website development, wherefrom these steps there are still other innovations to further develop a unique and attractive website. Show other brilliant ideas to make the website more visitor-friendly, learn what customers need and respond as fast as you can. A good understanding of this will be the key to success in your online business. Website Development Gold Coast is a reliable partner on your long-lasting success.