A Celebration of the End of 2020

The Tank Announces Programming for WINTRY MIX: A Celebration of the End of 2020

The Tank has announced The Tank’s Wintry Mix, a celebration of the end of 2020. The Tank’s Wintry Mix will be a month of virtual programming about the upcoming strange holiday season, highlighting new work from emerging artists that is multigenerational, examining evolving definitions of home due to the current moment, and offering warmth at the end of a grueling year. The Tank’s Wintry Mix will run December 4-23, 2020 on CyberTank. For more information visit thetanknyc.org.

The Tank’s Wintry Mix will include the following programming. All shows are ticketed with pay-what-you-can tiered levels:


A new pop-electronica choral experience (with hot chocolate recipe)

By Stephanie Singer

Friday December 4 at 8PM EST

Tickets: $5, $10, $25

Board this New Symmetry flight and travel through the unstable terrain of an emotional landscape as formed by PTSD. Composed & recorded by Stephanie Singer during her residency in Russia in March 2020, the score weaves six electronica/choral songs together to form one continuous piece of music. Produced by Amanda Mayo (Slow Shudder), whose luminous and immersive sound design envelopes the listener, New Symmetry unfolds like a stream of consciousness triggered by the question: is it possible for a person to change? Each song is an intimate window into Singer’s own emotional patterns, and between each song is spoken text intertwined with music.

New Symmetry is part album, part podcast and part pep-talk. It seeks to inspire people to open themselves up, to look at their emotional patterns & rhythms, and to see what happens when they embrace the idea that the world is changing constantly, every cell is in flux. A futuristic, surreal polyphonic choral piece which could be seen as a form of much needed therapy for today, it comes with its own hot chocolate recipe to sip while you watch.

Singer (UK) wrote the music whilst in Yekaterinburg in March 2020. Collaborators are producer Mayo (Seattle, USA), designer Freyja Sewell (London, UK), illustrator Maria Medem (Seville, Spain), dancer Natalya Levchenko (Yekaterinburg, RU), chef Alina Kuznetcova (Yekaterinburg, RU), translator Alexandra Yaroslavtseva (Yekaterinburg, RU), Adam Bernet (London UK) and singer Inna Medvedeva (Yekaterinburg, RU).

For tickets, the hot chocolate recipe and more information: thetanknyc.org/cybertank-calendar/newsymmetry

Featuring Ben Grinberg & Rhonda Moore

Wednesday December 9 at 7PM EST (talkback after show)
Friday December 11 at 7PM EST
Sunday December 13 at 7PM EST

Tickets: $10, $20, $30

Ben Grinberg has had a crush on Rhonda Moore for a while. Well, maybe it’s not a crush. It’s something warm and squirmy, and the feeling is mutual.

Fun with Dick & Jane: Working Title is an energetic and physical encounter between two bodies and two artists, Ben Grinberg (Philadelphia’s Almanac Dance Circus Theatre) and Rhonda Moore (Bill T. Jones Company founding member). Over the course of one day in a studio together, they get to know each other through a series of improvisational scores and a sharing of intimate and mundane details. Dealing with the fraught-ness of human touch but the necessity of connection during a time of pandemic isolation, an intergenerational and cross-racial relationship discovers its limits through movement, humor and multi-layered video art. With witty, goofy and sketchy movement moments, and under the circumstances bravely danced, Fun with Dick & Jane: Working Title is fun for all and will warm you up on a cold winter night.

For tickets and more information: thetanknyc.org/cybertank-calendar/2020/12/11/fun-with-dick-amp-jane


By Sharell Bryant

Tuesday December 15 at 8PM EST

Tickets: $10, $20, $30

Songs for a Winter Evening is an intimate winter concert from singer-songwriter Sharell Bryant featuring original music as well as her take on some holiday classics. Mixing indie rock and folk music, she writes songs that make the tough moments in life a little lighter.

For tickets and more information: thetanknyc.org/calendar-cybertank


Hosted by Ladies of Mischief

Thursday December 17 at 9PM EST

Tickets: $5, $15, $25

Puppet Spread Fireside Roast! on CyberTank will be hosted by Ladies of Mischief: Mery Cheung, Julia Darden and Christina Rodriguez, with a special guest of honor, puppetry performers and magic makers from all over the world. Come to a chill evening and get toasty to a variety of puppet acts for the screen, never before seen! May it be a comedy roast! A heartwarming song, a feast for the eyes!

For tickets and more information: thetanknyc.org/cybertank-calendar/2020/12/17/puppet-spread-fireside-roast


Curated by Leslie Guyton

Friday December 18 at 8PM EST

Tickets: $10, $20, $30

The first ever Dance Film Mixtape, presented virtually and hosted by The Tank, will be curated by Grammy-nominated choreographer Leslie Guyton. Four choreographers have created original dance films of approximately 3-5 minutes each, inspired by the mixtape theme: “healing.” The presentation will be followed by a Q+A with the artists.

For tickets and more information: thetanknyc.org/cybertank-calendar/dance-film-mixtape


Friday December 18 at 9:30PM EST

Tickets: $0, $4, $7, $10

Haunted paintings, sexy M&M’s, evil algorithms and hypnobirthing. Join us at 4 Your Information 8 to experience 10 four-minute fever dreams from people with incredible niche interests who have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. Expect to laugh, expect to learn, expect WordArt.

For tickets and more information: thetanknyc.org/cybertank-calendar/2020/12/18/4-your-information-8


Featuring Kev Berry

Saturday December 19 at 8PM EST

Tickets: $10, 15, 20

Tank Resident Demon and Associate Artist is back to raise hell in his new musical act of queer terrorism, Mrs. Claus Does Karaoke on the Daybed. In this durational improv performance, Kev Berry as Mrs. Claus will…perform Christmas karaoke. And perform whatever else comes up in the moment. Maybe there will be some special guests who Zoom in, maybe there will be Peppermint Joe-Joes from Trader Joe’s, maybe there will be a mental breakdown because Santa’s been ignoring Mrs. Claus for the last three months and yes it’s like this every year when he gets into the busy season but this year feels…different. Guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit, guaranteed to make you laugh, guaranteed to confuse the hell out of you.

For tickets and more information: thetanknyc.org/calendar-cybertank


By Miriam Pultro

Sunday December 20 at 7PM EST

Tickets: $5, $15, $25

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a Festivus for the rest of us! Incorporating traditional carols, puppetry, dramatic readings and a healthy dose of cheek, actor/singer/writer Miriam Pultro (NYC) curates and co-hosts with Uton Onyejekwe (NJ) a nationwide mix of performers for this creative virtual celebration, leaning into our political, isolated year to cultivate warm wishes for 2021.

For tickets and more information: thetanknyc.org/cybertank-calendar/blue-christmas

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