• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

A Simple Switch Helped to Make My Skin Look Better


Apr 2, 2018

I woke up one morning and immediately felt pain from a new and very large pimple on my face. I looked at it in a mirror and was alarmed to see that it was large. Later, at work, I complained to a coworker that I had to meet a client with that swollen, over-sized zit on my face. She asked if I had tried swapping out my usual cosmetics for natural makeup instead. Confused, I asked her what the difference was. I was also careful to wash off my usual makeup products each night, so I didn’t understand what good buying something else would do for me. She explained that switching would help me to see if the not-so-good ingredients in my usual makeup was the cause for my continued breakouts.

The day that my coworker gave me the tip on switching my makeup products out for something new, I had a big client to meet. He’s the CEO of a well-known company in our area. I was mortified to have a massive, angry and red pimple sitting so prominently next to my nose during our meeting. I caught his gaze move to look at it several times, which really distracted me during my sales spiel to him that morning. I also realized then that it distracted him, too. That is not what I needed to happen when trying to get people to pay attention and respect the services that I sell.

I had heard a lot of about natural products, but I never paid much attention until my coworker said that she buys all her makeup and her bath & body products at stores that specialize in products that are good for your skin. She gave me the URL for her favorite online shop and told me which products she buys for her face. I had no idea that I could buy eyeshadow, concealer and other things that are actually good for your skin! I stopped using my old products as soon as my shipment arrived. I’ve been using my new cosmetics for a month and no longer have breakouts!