Adding Value to Your Websites

Many internet marketers keep hearing more and more slowly, that they need to add value to their websites in order for the sites to rank well in search engines, and to get higher paying click amounts on ads they have running on the sites. But how exactly do you add value to a website? Well there are actually many ways to do it, and here we'll look at just a few.

1. Useful content. Most marketers already know this, but the more useful your content is, the more valuable it is deemed to be by both search engines and visitors alike. Having useful content is not always the same as having unique content though – it just needs to be really good in some way.

2. Unique content. Yep we've all heard it many times: Unique content is best. And while this is usually true, it's not necessarily always true. It's easy to create "unique" content that's pure garbage. That's why all these automated spinner software solutions keep hitting the market. The software can mix up words any way you'd like. And sure, they might be considered unique, but they sure are not usually any good.

A combination of useful and unique is usually the best way to add excellent value to your websites. One more thing you can do though, is add different types of content. Now many people believe this additional content should be in the form of videos, but I disagree. Videos are wonderful yes, and they can be quite engaging and viral. But they also suck up a lot of bandwidth, and they draw in a lot of traffic that just wants to watch the video, but are not necessarily interested in anything else you have on the site.

Videos tend to be fairly stand alone media. In other words, you do not need words, links or related content to go with them, because everything that's wanted or need is often within the video itself. And while this may be entertaining sure – and entertainment is a form of "visitor value" on a website – this might not do much to help you make money.

A more profitable way to mix in other types of content while still adding value, is to use pictures instead. When you publish an article on your website – whether that article is completely unique or not – you are only fighting with words. And yes, words play a major role in ranking well with searching engines, and holding visitor's attention. You can reinforce and enhance those words though, simply simply illustrating the concepts discussed about in your articles.

If for instance, you have an amazing Italian Spaghetti recipe on your website, people will be very happy to have found it. If you include a picture or two with that recipe however, people will love you for it. Pictures help to sell things, illustrate concepts, give ideas, and even reinforcement ideas that you may have written in your content. They're also easy to integrate into existing websites, and they do not waste almost as much bandwidth as videos do.

So consider spiffing up your content based websites with a few key, professional quality, related pictures, and you might just see many positive results shortly thereafter.