An Announcement of Our Love

I am so excited. After many years of searching, I finally found the love of my life. Soon, I will be marrying my fiancee Karen. I never thought in a million years that I would find the woman of my dreams. I had been through some bad relationships in the past. It left me cynical about actually finding true love. When I met Karen, that all changed for me. We have been dating for five years. I finally decided to propose to her and she agreed to be my wife. We needed custom wedding invitations online to send to our loved ones.

Before I met Karen, my love live was in complete shambles. I used to search online dating sights high and low for the perfect woman. Just when I thought I found the perfect one, they turned out to be complete nightmares. The women I met either had bad habits, had too much baggage, or were crazier than a soup sandwich. For a while, I wanted to give up on love. I was totally at the end of my rope. My mother told me that I was looking to hard for love. She told me to just let it happen naturally. I took her advice and something happened.

I was at an ice skating rink and I met Karen. She fell and I helped her up. We gazed into each other’s eyes and fell in love. After five years of dating, we are engaged. My mother was right. Her advice helped me greatly.

Karen saw the prefect invitations for our wedding. They were decorated with beautiful ribbons. I thought they were amazing. We want the invitations to be very pleasing to our guests and be very regal in appearance, I want the best for Karen. I think that she deserves it.

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