Attracting Targeted Visitors To Your Website Is The Key To Your Online Success

One very important thing I learned as an internet marketer through all my years of internet marketing experience is the principle of targeted promotion. Before I entered the arena of doing business on the internet and came to this point of being a full time online entrepreneur, I was first an office employee. After studying in college, my first job was with a Japanese company that was manufacturing some type of electronic chips. And after that, I went on to being employed in a corporate office environment.

During all these years of being just an employee, I had absolutely no idea on how companies and businesses do operate inside out. By that, I mean I had nearly zero idea on how these businesses are going about to continuously make profit after profit. Most probably, I really didn’t care enough to find out about it, since I get my pay anyway every other week as long as I work on my duly assigned tasks and responsibilities.

When I grew tired of working as an employee for several different companies, I just knew that my dream of achieving financial freedom isn’t going to happen if I remain where I was and just continue in doing my daily routine of traveling to office, doing my assigned task, traveling back home, and waiting for the next pay day to arrive. This is when I fixed my mind to focus on establishing a business online and create a full time income through the internet.

And like several individuals who started their journey in doing business on the internet, I struggled. My number one challenge was to bring a consistent flow of traffic to my website. For several months, I was plagued with the wrong belief that prevented many other online business starters like me from really making a breakthrough. And that belief was that you should put all your energy in driving tons of traffic to your website. For several months, I focused on nothing but with this goal in mind – how to flood my website with enormous amounts of traffic. I thought that when I accomplish that, I can get to make tons of money afterward.

However, I was proven wrong. After exhausting myself for several months, I realized that even if you tire yourself to death in driving traffic to your site, it is not the key to really establishing a dependable income online. Then a breakthrough happened. I accidentally discovered that I was getting a small amount of targeted traffic to my website. And this very small amount of traffic was making me profits.

After that discovery, I therefore concluded that the secret to establishing a business online is by putting your efforts in attracting super targeted traffic to your website. This traffic is the kind of visitors that are willing to buy and spend their money on what you have to offer.

By the way, before I forget. Do you want to know how I drove targeted traffic to my website? I worked on ranking my site on top of the search engines for the keywords related to what I was offering on the site.