Attracting Visitors to Your Yoga Website

While the search engines and other Web Marketing tactics will drive traffic to your Yoga website, many yoga professionals overlook some of the most basic and simple techniques for driving traffic to their websites. Web marketing can be very expensive, complicated and unpredictable. There are several things that require little effort and that can be incorporated right away to start attracting visitors to your yoga website:

* Add your domain name to your phone message.

* When you leave messages for students and potential students make a point to remind them to visit your website and give them your domain name.

* Add your domain name to all printed materials that you pass out such as business cards, letterhead, post cards, and brochures. If you already have printed materials that do not have your domain name and you do not want to invest in new materials, have small stickers printed that include your contact information and domain name to adhere to the printed materials.
* Add your domain name to the signature in your email.

* Attend networking events and pass out information directing people to your website.

* Send out e-newsletters with several direct links to pages within your website.

* Change your email address to reflect your domain name. For example, if your domain name is use an address such as [email protected] so that each time someone sees your email address they will see your domain name.

* Make a habit of passing out 10 business cards per day and be sure to have your domain name on your business card.

* Join directory websites and a link to your website. Those listing with website addresses tend to have much better results than listings without websites.

* Be sure to choose a domain name that is short, memorable, easy to say, easy to spell, and is relative to your business name.

These techniques should not replace web marketing but should be used in addition to web marketing. When it comes to driving traffic to your website, consider the hub and spoke analogy. If your website is the hub and the more spokes you have leading to the hub, the stronger the structure of the wheel. Try to incorporate several if not many techniques to drive traffic to your website versus relying on just a few.

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