Batman Fans Debate Favorite Utility Belt Gadgets

The Batman fans are debating their favorite Utility Belt gadgets. Warner Bros. UK posed the question to their followers on Twitter this week. Of course, there were many takes on the subject of Bruce Wayne’s delightful technology. In the Matt Reeves film, Batman is still very early in his crimefighting career. But, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any awesome toys yet. Robert Pattinson’s version of The Dark Knight has Bat-staples like a grappling hook and his cape to glide a bit. But, his nifty little contact lenses also come up in some of the responses along with that muscled-up version of The Batmobile. This is one of those questions where you really can’t go wrong. Check out some of the best answers down below.

In The Art of The Batman, Pattinson describes what makes his take on the Caped Crusader a little bit different from past iterations.

“At the beginning of the story, he doesn’t think that the city is capable of healing itself, and it’s just on a downward spiral and he’s just fighting a hopeless battle, which will end in defeat,” Pattinson explained. ” | just always liked the idea at the end of him allowing himself to hope a little bit. It’s probably the most painful thing that he has to do. It’s much more painful than anything he’s had to experience, because if you’ve closed yourself down to feeling anything, and all you wanna do is just go out and fight, if he allows himself to think that there is a possibility of Positive change then you can get hurt again. Then you can feel the disappointment and failure of that as well, which I think he’s trying to hide from as well.” 

What Bat-Gadget would you end up choosing? Let us know down in the comments!