Black Friday 2020: 7 best handy gadgets on sale at Amazon

Who can deny the allure of a new gadget to play with, especially one purchased at a steeply discounted price? 

Amazon has always understood the shiny appeal of these object and prices them to move once the holiday sales hit. Below you’ll find a smattering of selections from a fun robot vacuum that cleans your floor to a dog-pleasing treat tosser that keeps your pups entertained while you’re out for the day. 

Keep scrolling to see which fun and handy electronic gadget you should pick up today that can streamline your life on the cheap. 

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Proscenic M7 Pro LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We’re currently testing one of these bad boys out for a more in-depth review (more to come soon), and so far it’s fantastic. It works on hard wood and carpet alike, comes with app, Alexa, and remote controls, and uses advanced laser technology to navigate and map your home for perfect sweeping every time. 

The app allows for switching between modes, scheduled cleaning, room-specific cleaning, and off-limit zones, just to name a few perks. While it can work up to 270 minutes without charging, it’s also fun watching it return home and announce itself while docking.  

The intelligent dust collector seen above is sold separately, but the Proscenic otherwise arrives in easy-to-assemble parts with everything you need to get started. Give yourself a bit to get acquainted with the app and you’ll surely fall in love with this handy device. 

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