Black Friday computer part deals: Build a new PC for less

Everyone always says if you’re going to get a new desktop computer, you should build it yourself. Then they act like that’s a super cheap proposition. Well, it’s not. You can definitely get a powerful PC at a relatively inexpensive price, but we’re still talking about hundreds of dollars here. And then you have to put it all together. A-whole-nother chore that takes at least a YouTube video or two to figure out.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of building your own computer, don’t be. For one thing, the process is so streamlined these days it’s basically like adult Lego. All the pieces fit together in specific ways, and it’s surprisingly hard to break stuff. If you’re more worried about the price, then we’ve got the answer for you right here.

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Black Friday is a great time for electronics, sure. Everyone wants a new smart home device or 4K TV, but it’s also a great time for PC internals. Motherboards, RAM, processors, graphics cards, and more will all drop in price on Black Friday. We’ve got a roundup of some of the best deals we’ve seen and the best locations to keep an eye out.

Black Friday’s Best Deals on Computer Parts:

The main retailers you’ll most likely be using for computer parts are Newegg and Amazon. Those online stores are just where you’re bound to find the best prices. Best Buy will also be a good spot to search for low prices.

Newegg has not released its Black Friday ad yet, but we expect to see it soon. For now, there is Newegg Gametober, the pre-Black Friday sale going on right now. Keep tabs on the Newegg Black Friday sales in our roundup, but until we get more information scan the Gametober sale for great prices on all sorts of PC parts.

See at Newegg

We have seen Best Buy’s Black Friday ad. While it is focused on a whole lot of things that aren’t internal PC parts, there a few scattered deals worth paying attention to. This is one of them. If your motherboard can support it, this SSD has read/write speeds of 2,400 MB/s and 1,950 MB/s respectively. The deal is live now as the $100 price is Best Buy’s advertised Black Friday price.

$99.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy’s ad says this processor will drop to $359.99 for Black Friday, so while the $380 price is a discount, you should wait a bit for the larger drop. Keep checking on it because I’m sure it won’t last long at that discounted rate.

$359.99 at Best Buy

Dell’s Black Friday deals have already started. While the sale features plenty of pre-built desktops and laptops, there are also a lot of essential accessories you’d need for a custom PC build. Get new monitors for low prices. Outfit your battle station with a mechanical keyboard or wireless mouse. You’ll definitely need this stuff as much as the internal stuff.

See at Dell

PC parts and the people, like us, that need them are sort of a niche audience on Black Friday. Our deals won’t be at the top of any ads, but they will be there. You have to keep an eye out yourself. Watch the Amazon Black Friday sale for more information, too, because Amazon will have plenty of sales and price-matched deals from other retailers.

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