How To Make Your First Website From Nothing

So you finally decided that its time for you or your business to get a website. Now the question that comes to mind is where should I begin? If you are like most people, you will have the following thoughts and ideas in your head pretty much right off the bat.

1. Should I hire a coder.

2. Should I do it my self.

3. Should I get that kid in our family who is always in his territory by himself.

Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit with the third one but honestly, coming up with a good website can be challenging.

For a guy like me, I only make sites that work – what I mean by that is I'm strictly an internet marketer so I do not really care that much about the looks. As long as it does the job and has a very decent conversion ratio, … Read More

What Needs to be Done to Learn PLC Training In 2020?

It’s the year 2020 and there’s everything available online. From games using virtual reality to learning the most complex tasks in the world. One of these things you can learn is the PLC system that allows you to become a master engineer in this area.

What most people do not know is that PLC training is something that cannot be done by anyone. You need a true professional that is capable of both sharing its knowledge and having a lot of experience on the subject.

A problem in these troubled times with the coronavirus is that there’s no chance to go and physically take classes and listen to a skilled mentor. You need to find other ways. One of the best ways, if not the only one, is taking online classes and learn everything through the internet.

The internet lectures are pretty good because they are convenient and the knowledge … Read More

4 Ways To Protect Yourself From Spam

Controlling spam is a constant fight between you and your computer. You need to come up with a plan so that you can counter-act this spam. You'll be at an advantage if you take even small steps to make spam as ineffective as possible.


Automation gives spammers a great advantage since they can gather email addresses in big numbers. If email addresses had to be collected manually it would not be worth a spammer's effort.

You too can play this game.

Programs can fight spam for the simple reason that these same programs create spam. There are several programs available to fight spam. Before you use this type of software you might want to know just how spammers do what they do and what you can do to fight them.

Spambots are one tool that spammers use. A spambot is a program which browses through websites … Read More

How to Seduce a Woman With Killer Bad Boy Seduction (BBS) Techniques

Girls always want the bad boys. This is a universal truth, but why? It is because the bad boys are more exciting, more outgoing, and are generally perceived to be ‘living’ their lives more. Or, on the other hand, the bad boys are the ones that need help that bring out the girls motherly instincts that the girl can change. Either way, it’s no secret that girls prefer and secretly desire bad boys.

If you’re tired of going home alone night after night and if you’re tired of being thought of as only a friend, as nothing more that ‘some guy’ then you need to make a change. Becoming a ‘bad’ guy isn’t hard; all it takes is time, patience, and a little help using the tips outlined below.

How To Seduce A Woman With Killer Bad Boy Seduction (BBS) Techniques

BBS Technique #1. Take Command. Being the alpha male … Read More


Is it a trend? Is it the latest fashion on how things should be made? What are tutorials? You probably heard about them, you probably even used them, but never thought of them as such.

Exaggerating of course, we could say even a food recipe is a tutorial. In common language a tutorial is something that teaches you how to do something, explaining all the steps of the process to you. In educational terms, a tutorial is a class made up of few students, in which a professor provides individual attention and information to them.

You must remember at school all those get together with other colleagues in which you were supposed to learn all sorts of things? Yes, that are tutorials. They can be groups from one or to up to 20 students that supplement the information provided in class with the purpose of obtaining better information about something.… Read More

Productivity Engineering

Review: Productivity Engineering-
A hypnosis program to help you improve your performance at work.

"Buy a hypnosis CD program? Will that really help me get more work done? Can it improve my work performance?"

I know, this is a little off the beat path when compared to the usual courses and services I review. So first, to make real sense of this, let me tell you why I decided to go through and review this program.

I would like to be more productive, consistently

As someone who works from a home office, I am very aware of a huge variation in how productive I am. Some days and weeks I am extremely productive. My work performance is excellent. At the end of each day I'll sit back and wonder how I managed to get so much done.

But for each day or week that I am wild productive, there are … Read More

Hitachi UT42X902 Review

The Hitachi UT42X902 is one of the sleeker 1080p LCD televisions. At just 1.6 inches thick, it is certainly thin. The translucent frame on all four sides curves back to the edge. The Hitachi UT42X902 stand is fairly unique and is designed with a circular, donut-like base.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the UT42X902 is that you must supplement the very basic HDMI and PC inputs with which the UT42X902 comes equipped with a standalone AVC08U Audio Video Center for a couple hundred dollars more. Unfortunately, this purchase is necessary for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the desire to actually watch television programming. The Hitachi UT42X902’s remote is better than most and features back-lighting behind every key as well as a learning feature to control other devices.

The UT42X902 has quite a few picture controls in addition to many advanced controls including three types of noise. … Read More

Online Degrees – How to Get a College Degree Online!

An online degree is a college degree that is earned by taking courses online. Online degrees are offered by online colleges or schools or programs or by regular brick and mortar schools – on-campus schools, colleges or universities. In some cases you can go for free.

Depending on how much education you already have you can earn an online degree is less than two years. Depending on how much you sign up for and study for and complete of course, will determine how long it will take. There are many colleges and universities that have associate degree programs too that offer accelerated programs. And then some programs will take the same amount of time as the traditional on-campus college degree.

Students who choose to learn online will need to be more disciplined. You’ll have to motivate yourself to check in, complete your courses, take tests and attend online lectures without … Read More

Debugging Mind Viruses

The idea that our minds are infected by viruses is not new. Here we mean viruses as analog to computer viruses (Technically, we use the term virus as a general term to include also worms, spyware, Trojans and other types of malware), not biological viruses. Richard Brodie wrote a book titled “Viruses of the Mind”, with the subtitle “The New Science of the meme”. Meme is thought to be the unit carrier, whereby viruses spread and proliferate. Brodie wrote: “Mind viruses have already infected governments, educational systems, and inner cities, leading to some of the most pervasive and troublesome problems of society today: youth gangs, the welfare cycle, the deterioration of the public schools, and ever-growing government bureaucracy.” In this posting, the author discusses techniques of debugging such viruses. It starts with slowing down, one pointed concentration, bare attention, and ends with reflection, and effort and practice.

Computer programs, except … Read More

DIY Guide to Selecting the Right Tool for the Database Project

As any person, who remodeled their home, will tell you that "choosing the right tool for the right job" makes all the difference. The same statement applies when choosing the right database for a project. Some databases are basic, some are "battery operated" and some are "mighty power tools." Below is a guide on selecting the perfect database for the right project.

When you only need to store a limited amount of data and require a quick and easy development cycle, Microsoft Access is the right tool for you. It provides a powerful set of database and graphical user interface tools that allows the user to quickly organize, access and share information. Since Access is part of the Microsoft family of office products, it easily integrates with Excel, Word, and SQL Server. In addition, it supports Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). However, if the database is going to hit 1GB threshold, … Read More