Why Does My Computer Freeze -Tell Me Why My Computer Freezes

Ok we have all been there and done this am I correct?


Things are moving along and then bam you’re stuck and about punch a hole in your monitor. This is most likely caused by getting to click happy if you do not have the memory or ram to do so mucho clicking. What do I mean? I mean that when you click to start a program and it does not respond as quickly as you like, you click it again, which is going to slow it down more, als while doing this your demanding a certain amount of ram to do this and if its not there, your computer will freeze or crash. Also if you have just opened a program that is slowing you down or not responding, you can type Ctrl + Alt + Delete and end that program. This is nice because it could keep … Read More

Structured Representation of Information

The Need for Ontologies

Information is scattered within organizations and often not held in such a structured way as to be easily accessed by employees or software. This problem was examined by Lau et al (2005) using the example of McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing), that demonstrated how difficult it is to gather unstructured knowledge. Therefore, it is important that research is undertaken into methods of capturing, structuring, distributing, analyzing, and visualizing information.

Taxonomies, Ontologies and Structuring of Information

An ontology is a classification structure. A taxonomy can be just a convenient structure to assist programmers, or part of an overall 'thesaurus' which describes and agreements the meaning of things. This 'thesaurus' structure is the ontology and may contain one or more taxonomies. Engineers may have different names for the same thing, eg wing skin stiffeners may be referred to as stringers, but rib stiffeners are never called stringers. … Read More

Key Importance of Multilingual Web Optimization

Multilingual SEO is dedicated to providing optimized information in different languages or regions.

Let us use an example to demonstrate this. Assume you have an online store where you sell Web hosting extensions in a variety of countries.

You’ve planned to translate your content into German and create a German website to boost your sales in Germany.

You now have two versions of the same post: one in English and one in German.

You’d say it’s fairly simple, wouldn’t you? Just wait, there’s more.

This would be particularly difficult if you choose to reach regions with common languages or regions with several tongues.

To effectively maneuver your way around this, you will require powerful resources such as quality devices and strong internet.

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To capitalize on the massive foreign and multilingual market, you … Read More

Basic Barcode Reading Technology – Scanners, Readers and Wireless

The technology used to read barcodes is relatively simple, but there is little information available for the novice. This is intended to be an introduction to the scanning, processing and presentation of barcode information.


A scanner is a device that converts the image of a barcode into electrical pulses. There are four basic ways of doing this: contact wands, active non-contact (AKA laser scanners), and passive non-contact, which can be cameras or linear CCDs (charge coupled devices). All of these devices have similar outputs, strings of electrical pulses that mimic the white/dark and width of the bars. With the exception of cameras, a scanner will always include a light source, either LED or laser.

Wands are the simplest, but have the most limitations. A wand has a light source, focusing lens and a light detector. It has no moving parts, which makes it the most rugged of scanners, but … Read More

Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is a phrase most people have heard about. However, without understanding the process of search engine optimization, it’s not easy to comprehend what keyword research implies.

This process is the base of every SEO process, and it’s the key to getting traffic to one’s website. By using the right keywords and keyword phrases, online content is able to get a wider audience.

Creating a website that will get more traffic takes time, and keywords are the main ingredient in this process. Modern web design, appealing visual appearance, and quality content should work together.

We’ve enlisted the help of a web design agency Chicago to better understand how keyword research can help build a website content plan. Whether you just want to understand the process or learn how to conduct keyword research yourself, keep reading the following guide.

Here are some of the basic steps in conducting keyword research … Read More

New Car Technology Advancements

Car technology is advancing at amazing speed so it’s no surprise that at least a couple cool things turn up each model year. Here are some of the latest innovations that will be coming out sometime in the near future that new car buyers can look forward to seeing.

Economy Mode

While we consider that most of us drivers are set in their ways and odds are we will never make the necessary changes to conserve on fuel. One example of such would be, we know that by simply not using our AC increases our fuel economy when we drive, but rather than just rolling down our window when we could to save fuel we opt to use the air conditioner to keep us cool. We are simply set in our ways when it comes to running our AC even when we could be just as comfortable at this time … Read More

Private Proxy – what is it in simple words

The word proxy server often causes not very correct associations among ordinary users. Some people ascribe to proxy servers just some incredible capabilities that allow them to create anything on the Web, hiding behind complete anonymity. Other users think that these are some kind of complex information delights that it is better not to deal with.

Thus, this short article will tell you what a proxy server is and what benefits it can bring to an ordinary user.

What is a proxy server

Proxy is translated from English as “representative”. The term proxy server is defined as a special server that is used as a bridge between the Internet user and the destination server. Such a server gives Internet users the ability to send requests to network services and then receive responses from them. It is also worth noting that often the parties exchanging data may not be aware of … Read More

Best Hotel and Room Reservation Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is becoming a most favorite CMS for developing business-oriented websites. So is the case with hotels and resorts; they are also developing their websites using WordPress. A hospitality website needs to integrate some sort of booking form into their website, and for this purpose, they need WordPress booking plugins.

To attract potential customers, you need to have an easy-to-go reservation form to allow customers to select properties based on various options. We have a list of some of the best WP hotel booking plugins that offer a seamless experience to both the website owner and the client.

Pinpoint Booking System

Pinpoint is a fast and user-friendly plugin that allows customers to make reservations based on availability with great ease. Pinpoint facilitates scheduling the services, renting properties, receiving online appointments, and much more.

The pro version of the Pinpoint booking system plugin has a lot more to offer. Moreover, you … Read More

The Future of Biometrics — Trends and Emerging Uses for Biometric Technology

The future of biometrics holds great promise for law enforcement applications, as well for private industry uses. By measuring facial geometry, surveillance systems can identify suspects against characteristics stored in the security system’s database. “There is a popular tendency to regard biometric products as sci-fi mythology, but the reality is that biometrics is the future of the security industry and is quickly becoming recognized as the most accurate identification technology in the market,” claims Don Mihae who was recently hired by JAD Communication & Safety Systems (JADCS) to lead its security division.

Biometrics’ future will include e-commerce applications for extra security on the checkout page, and biometrics will guard against unauthorized access to cars and cell phones. In the future, biometric technology will further develop 3-D infrared facial recognition access control, real-time facial recognition passive surveillance, and visitor management authentication systems. Already A4Vision, a provider of 3-D facial scanning and … Read More

Technical Writing – Types of Technical Reports

Technical reporters at the start of their careers often find themselves confused as to what constituents technical writing in the first place. There are many different applications for the new author and they may often find that not all of those are really "technical". So for the new professional here's a quick list of some common documents they may be asked to create and what they are for.

Background Reports

Without you work for the CIA this does not usually mean a report about a person and their life and habits. A background report is typically a brief (1 or 2 page) study into the application of a specific aspect of technology (for example the use of photovoltaic cells in solar energy transfer). Usually these reports are generated for a specific (and paying) audience and are singular in their application rather than generic.

Instruction Sets

More commonly known as user … Read More