Nokia N95: An Ultimate Multimedia Computer

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Nokia is coming up with a new range of mobile phones that combine high-tech features and style. The all-in-one multimedia computer, Nokia N95, has an innovative two-way slide concept and is equipped with outstanding multimedia features. The powerful 3D graphics, stunning user interface, fast speed data transfer, sophisticated multimedia capabilities, innovative imaging options, high speed internet access, are some of the features of N95. The powerful 3D graphics make it easy to find the services and features you want. The combination of features like built-in stereo speakers, mini USB and support for compatible microSD cards add more to the multimedia phone.

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10 ways the pandemic affected cloud investment

IT decision-makers plan to increase cloud security budgets in the next year, says new report from SPR.


Image: iStock/ipopba

The enterprise quickly caught on: Cloud technology was a game changer. Containment and cloud management companies grew in popularity and tech leaders realized that their organizations had to meet increasing demands, as well as optimize cloud strategy frequently. 

One initiative that emerged as being one of the most important for the enterprise was remote resiliency, which was put to the ultimate test in March, when the organizations that had the ability to go remote, did. The pressure was on for IT departments who had to rally to be sure telecommuters had access to the company online, that their personal devices were safe, and keep vigilant watch, as hackers took advantage of the COVID-19 crisis’ imposed mobilization of the industry. As coronavirus cases and the resultant deaths rise, the burden of investing

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Kochava acquires database firm Thalamus to connect ad buyers and vendors

Kochava has acquired database maker Thalamus to connect ad buyers and vendors as the industry adjusts to a changing mobile app and games landscape. The acquisition price was not disclosed.

Sandpoint, Idaho-based Kochava will rename Thalamus’ service as the Kochava Media Index, which will allow Kochava to elevate the insights it gives brands and publishers to make purchasing decisions. The move is coming amid uncertainty about big platforms like iOS, as Apple is retiring its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) in the name of user privacy.

Kochava CEO Charles Manning said this acquisition is one of a number of deals taking place across the advertising, publisher, and mobile marketing industries as the ad tech sector gets ready for Apple’s big move. He said the the purchase of Thalamus puts in place a tool the advertising ecosystem needs in order to maintain the effectiveness of mobile advertising.

“We were planning to do

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10 ways to avoid back-to-back video meetings when working from home

  • If you’re feeling depleted after hours of virtual one-on-ones, team standups, and interviews, you might want to try out some alternatives to get more done.
  • To decide when to swap a Zoom call for an alternative form of communication, think about the type of message you’re trying to send — if it’s quick and direct, opt for an email, video, short FAQ document, or direct message.
  • For collaborating or giving feedback, you can mark up a document or brainstorm on an online whiteboard over a phone call. 
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It’s only 2:30 in the afternoon, but I’m ready for a long nap. I’ve had four one-on-ones, one team standup, and two interviews — all over Zoom. I check my calendar, hoping to see a lighter schedule ahead. No luck. And I just remembered it’s only Tuesday.

Sound familiar? If you’re more stressed and tired after

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How Upwork’s First Female CEO Is Pivoting The Freelancing Business For A Remote World

Just 66 days into her tenure as the CEO of Upwork, Hayden Brown was forced to shutter and decide whether to sublease the freelancing platform’s physical offices and comfort many of her 600 newly remote employees—all while fulfilling her promise to complete a company-wide listening tour and a report on the state of the business within her first 100 days.

“This is a year where you can’t BS your way through anything as a leader,” says Brown, who was named Upwork’s first female CEO in January. “I always was committed to transparency and frequent communication, and that was part of my leadership mantra and style starting in January.”

Amid millions of layoffs and turbulent markets, the 22-year-old company has rarely seen as much success as

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Five9 Announces Virtual Event Series Highlighting the Future of Customer Service and Key Insights Brought on by the Pandemic

Join acclaimed industry analysts and recognized thought leaders as they discuss new trends and tools available to help your enterprise stay ahead of new consumer preferences

Five9, Inc (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center, today announced a new virtual event series presenting valuable insights, best practices and business tools to help navigate heightened customer expectations.

As 2020 comes to a close, it is evident that the pandemic has forever changed the way consumers interact with brands. This has forced customer experience professionals worldwide to reconsider technologies to adapt to changing customer expectations in a work from home setting.

What was originally expected as a temporary shift to remote working has now become the new normal. Consumer trends have emerged that can guide companies in providing the best customer experience in this new environment through the use of impactful technology. The upcoming Five9 webinar series gives

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Quantum computers: This group wants to get them out of the lab and into your business

Five quantum computing companies, three universities and one national physical laboratory in the UK have come together in a £10 million ($13 million) new project, with an ambitious goal: to spend the next three years trying to make quantum technologies work for businesses. 

Called Discovery, the program is partly funded by the UK government and has been pitched as the largest industry-led quantum computing project in the country to date. The participating organizations will dedicate themselves to making quantum technologies that are commercially viable, marking a shift from academic research to implementations that are relevant to, and scalable for businesses.

The Discovery program will focus on photonic quantum computing, which is based on the manipulation of particles of light – a branch of the field that has shown great promise but is still facing large technological barriers. 

On the other hand, major players like IBM and Google are both developing

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Qualcomm’s Fiscal Q4 2020 Earnings Signify A New Company Chapter

Qualcomm announced its fiscal Q4 2020 and full-year earnings report last week, and the market liked it, its stock soaring up to 13%. While I usually don’t write about a company’s earnings as an industry analyst, I will write when I believe those earnings signify some kind of milestone for the company, management or product line. This was true for Qualcomm’s Q4 results. The company also broke out its growth areas to give investors even more granularity into its businesses.

I want to provide the news, the numbers and then weigh in on them. I appreciated spending some time with Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf after the earnings call to get a better perspective.


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Square’s seller ecosystem bounced back as pandemic restrictions eased

  •  Square’s seller ecosystem returned to positive gross payment volume growth in Q3 as pandemic restrictions eased.
  • And Cash App continued to attract users and revenue, positioning Square for a stronger performance going forward.
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The firm’s seller ecosystem brought in $28.8 billion in gross payment volume (GPV) in Q3 2020, helping Square’s total GPV rise 12% YoY, per an earnings release. This comes after Square’s seller GPV fell on an annual basis in Q2 2020, leading its total GPV to plunge 15% YoY because the coronavirus pandemic damaged its merchants’ businesses.

square gross payment volume

Square’s payments volume rebounded in Q3.

Insider Intelligence

The recovery of Square’s seller business is partially due to the easing of government restrictions that limited traffic and merchants’ operations in response to

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Review: Google Cloud AI lights up machine learning

Google has one of the largest machine learning stacks in the industry, currently centering on its Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning Platform. Google spun out TensorFlow as open source years ago, but TensorFlow is still the most mature and widely cited deep learning framework. Similarly, Google spun out Kubernetes as open source years ago, but it is still the dominant container management system.

Google is one of the top sources of tools and infrastructure for developers, data scientists, and machine learning experts, but historically Google AI hasn’t been all that attractive to business analysts who lack serious data science or programming backgrounds. That’s starting to change.

The Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning Platform includes AI building blocks, the AI platform and accelerators, and AI solutions. The AI solutions are fairly new and aimed at business managers rather than data scientists. They may include consulting from Google or its

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