VR Chat Sets New Records, Pokemon Go Still Raking It In

Most people we know spent the week riveted to cable news. We still are. But we had our other eye on tech news. The role of social networks will be endlessly debated. Facebook and Twitter kept the lid on things by turning off everything advertisers and consumers like about their services.

VRChat hits 24,000 concurrent users, with over half in VR. Following the launch of the Oculus Quest 2, Previously around 30-40% of VRChat users were in VR, but since the Quest 2 launch that number has broken 50%.

PlayStation CEO hints the future of VR is a few years out, and maybe PSVR2 is as well. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan tells the Washington Post the future of VR is far in the future.

French mixed reality (XR)

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Panasonic Made a Vacuum to Rescue AirPods Dropped Onto Tracks

Once a wasteland of dropped keys, dentures, and garbage, platform-adjacent train and subway tracks are now littered with wireless earbuds that accidentally fall out as passengers board and leave trains. The problem is so bad that the East Japan Railway Co. has partnered with Panasonic to develop a custom long-necked vacuum that can easily retrieve these valuable artifacts.

According to the East Japan Railway Co., more commonly referred to as JR East by the locals, between July and September of this year there were 950 reports of wireless earbuds dropped onto the tracks at 78 different stations across Tokyo. Given these devices can sometimes cost well north of $200, JR East staffers are often asked to retrieve them right away, instead of waiting until cleaning staff can safely do a sweep after the last train of the day has left.

Previously, stations relied on simple grabber devices featuring a claw

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Data443 is Well Positioned to Benefit from
Continued Increasing Cybersecurity Burden Imposed on Businesses

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, Nov. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (‘Data443’ or the ‘Company’) (OTCPK: ATDS), a leading data security and privacy software company, provided an update on the California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act (‘CPRA’), approved by California voters on November 3rd, 2020. The CPRA is a new California state law that expands consumer data privacy, obligating businesses to provide consumers with the ability to opt-out of the collection of sensitive personal information collected, and further requires businesses to refrain from sharing the personal information of users, if requested. The CPRA expands, amends, and increases the protections afforded by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which was adopted January 1, 2020, with enforcement actions initiated in July 2020.

Jason Remillard, CEO of Data443, provided the following insights and commentary, “The CPRA

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YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley calls Elon Musk part of ‘axis of ego’

  • YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley mad a sarcastic jab at Elon Musk this week, sparking an immediate response from Musk. 
  • “The axis of ego @realDonaldTrump @kanyewest @elonmusk is pretty quiet tonight,” Hurley tweeted early Thursday morning. 
  • Musk immediately responded, telling Hurley to “stop being a chad,” an internet slang term used primarily by the involuntary celibate community to describe attractive men who are successful with women. 
  • Hurley said in follow-up tweets that he was being sarcastic and that it’s “so easy to troll fanboys,” likely referring to Musk’s legion of diehard fans. 
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YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley made a jab at Elon Musk this week when he tweeted that Musk is part of the “axis of ego.” 

Hurley, who founded YouTube along with Steve Chen in 2005, posted about Musk early Thursday morning, likening him to President Donald Trump and Kanye West. 

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AM Best to Join CPCU Society Webinar on Innovation Trends in Property/Casualty Industry

AM Best Associate Director Edin Imsirovic will take part in a webinar on Nov. 12, 2020, at 2 p.m. (EST) for the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) Society on the state of innovation in the property/casualty insurance innovation.

In AM Best’s view, the pace and magnitude of technological and societal changes has made innovation increasingly critical for the insurance industry, and in March 2020, the rating agency adopted an innovation criteria into its rating process. The webinar, titled, “P&C Insurer Innovation in the COVID-19 Economy,” will explore specific approaches by insurers to harness innovation, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the results of innovation reviews conducted by AM Best. Imsirovic is part of AM Best’s property/casualty ratings division, with specializations in insurtech and emerging technologies, and is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the ratings of various U.S. property/casualty insurance companies.

The Institutes CPCU Society is a community of

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PS5 review: Sony built a space-age game console for your next-gen dreams

Editor’s note: At this time, certain PS5 features were not ready to be tested, including multimedia apps and the PlayStation store. Additionally, very few native PS5 games are available and online services and features won’t be stress-tested until the console is available to the public. For those reasons, we consider this a review in progress, and will update it extensively over the next several weeks, adding a final review score when appropriate.

My PS4 almost made it. It was a launch-day PlayStation 4 from 2013, and it worked great right up until the last few months, like it knew it was about to get the Marie Kondo treatment and replaced by the new PS5. The seven-year-old system played games fine, but the optical drive mechanism grew confused, giving off random beeps, as if it were trying to eject a ghost disc. 


  • Fantastic new controller
  • Streamlined UI puts games first
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Black Friday 2020: Best Deals from Walmart, Best Buy, and Target

Similar to Best Buy, Target has also launched their first of many planned Black Friday, weeklong sales as well. Starting October 29, Target claims that shoppers can get Black Friday-worthy prices on a range of product categories, including small kitchen appliances, tech, and audio gear. The retailer also announced that it plans to release the following week’s deal prices every Thursday from now until the end of November so shoppers can plan their shopping accordingly.

It comes as no surprise that Target plans to run a series of sales throughout the month of November—the retailer announced last month that it has plans to kick off the holiday deals season early by offering Black Friday deals throughout the month preceding Black Friday. Target’s deals will span the home, apparel & accessories, and electronics categories, among others, and these discounts will be available both in stores and on Target.com.

Target also plans

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro iPhone12 Mini and Homepod Mini preorder

  • Apple launched the iPhone 12 lineup during a virtual event on October 13.
  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max costs $1,099 and the iPhone 12 Mini costs $699, both available for preorder today.
  • The HomePod Mini is also available for preorder starting at $99.
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Apple is now accepting preorders for three products announced at the October virtual event: the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and HomePod Mini.

Both iPhones are part of the 5G-capable iPhone 12 lineup, which encompasses four models. The new iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most expensive of the new lineup, starting at $1,099, with the largest ever iPhone display, plus the same high-end camera and four color options as the iPhone 12 Pro.

The iPhone 12 Mini is the “smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G phone on the market,” according to Apple. It has a 5.4-inch OLED display,

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TV viewers with second screen, second sight

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

More and more of us choose to watch television while using our smartphones and tablets. This second-screen viewing behavior often means that viewers are less engaged with the television programming and advertising than they would have been previously because there are the endless distractions of social media, for instance, on that second screen.

This change has been partly driven by the blinkered attitude of television companies to the evolving needs of their viewers. The companies, preoccupied with piracy and surveillance concerns have attempted to control content and information and to limit interaction to their official websites and to have linear programming schedules as their output. Consumers expect more and conventional broadcasting simply does not meet the modern viewer’s demands. Viewers are not sufficiently gratified by the programmed content and constantly seek alternative and parallel media consumption opportunities.

Writing in the International Journal of Mobile Communications,

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PS5 Doesn’t Support Folders, But Its Game Library Has Small Yet Smart Tweaks

The PlayStation 5 features an overhauled user interface that both introduces new features and also tweaks existing ones to make them a little more intuitive. Although it unfortunately does not include folder support for organizing your games, one UI improvement is the reworked game library, which has been cleaned up to make it easier to navigate.

When tabbing over to the game library, you’ll now notice a drop-down menu available on the left of the screen. Using this, you can change visibility options to show either PS3, PS4, or PS5 games. (PS3 games are playable through PlayStation Now.) Additionally, you can now also filter by source, so you can see the games you acquired through a PlayStation Store purchase, PlayStation Plus, or PlayStation Now.

Tabbing over to the Installed section will show you all your ready-to-play games and, at a glance, you’ll be able to tell where they are installed

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