CIA sets challenge for wannabe internet sleuths

The picture baffled social media users.

© Twitter/CIA
The picture baffled social media users.

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The CIA has set wannabe detectives a challenge, much to the excitement of social media users.

The intelligence agency posted a picture of a winter scene on Twitter on Tuesday and asked the internet to work out what time of day it was taken.

The picture showed a snowy street lined with cars, two school buses and a ski lodge, and participants were asked to “put their analysis skills to the test”.

Many amateur sleuths guessed the correct answer – 7am- by analysing the shadows of trees and the tracks in the snow.

One said: “Easy, look at the light poles turned on which means it’s 7am. Am I hired?”

Another agreed, saying it was clearly 7am. “The lights are on because they are still in the shadows and have not gone off for the day.”

A third person chimed in to agree.

 “7am. Transport for skiers are empty, street lights on (probably from the night before), school buses arriving? Snow on parked cars.”

Others hypothesized that the school buses meant it was 3pm and children were leaving school.

In a Twitter poll, one-in-eight people guessed 11am, a third said 3pm and over half reckoned it was 7am.

The CIA later Tweeted that anyone who had guessed correctly should check out the careers page on its website.  

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