Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make on the Internet – And How To Avoid Them

Network marketers have been trying to take advantage of the internet to build their network ever since it started.

If you want to be one of the few who succeeds, then you need to stop doing what everyone else is doing and do this instead.

1. Do not expect your replicated website to bring in any traffic by itself

Most network marketing companies offer an option to buy a website from them for a small fee. It seems like a great bargain at first, but after 5-6 months of no visitors, it may start to seem like a waste of money.

Most of these websites have two big problems with them that make it almost impossible for people who do not already know you to stumble across your site.

I'll bet that's not quite the leverage you were hoping for, right?

2. Do not make useless posts on random forums with a link to your website

Most network marketers do this because someone told them this is a good way to get the word out about their website, but think about it for a second. Do you ever click on those random links? Then what makes you think anyone else will?

Not only do the random posts not work, they give you a reputation as a spammer. Not good.

3. Do make your main website search engine friendly

The absolute best way to get traffic to your website is to have the search engines send people there.

However if your website is not search engine friendly, then the search engines do not know which searchers to send to you, so they do not send anyone. D'oh!

4. Do not copy text from your corporate sponsor's website

Remember, duplicate content is spam according to the search engines. They drop websites that have copied other people's content, so do not risk all that free traffic that you could be getting by copying.

Beside, that content is usually too boring to keep the interest of a web reader. How many times have you read it?

5. Do remember to focus on the benefit to your reader

Your first communication with someone, whether it's on your website's home page, an email or a forum post, should never be about how much you like the product, nor should it be about how much money other people have made in the business.

When they do not know you, the only question on their mind is "What is in it for me?" If you do not answer that question right away, then you will not have their attention for long.

6. Do not bid more than a quarter for Pay-Per-Click keywords

Pay-Per-Click can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. Unfortunately, it's also very easy to bid yourself out of the running real quick.

Lots of new marketers make the mistake of bidding too high to begin with and burning up all of their advertising money before they make a dime in commissions.

7. Do not promote the business opportunity on your home page

Would you go into business with someone you have never heard of before? Your readers need to learn to trust you before you offer them something as risky as a business proposal.

First build trust by being valuable to them, then start with an offer that requires less time and money investment, like your main product. You may think I'm crazy now, but I promise, you will still get partners this way.

8. Do not tie your entitlement income to a particular company

I know you do not like to think about this, but what would happen to your income if the company you are working with now went bankrupt, or stopping paying fees reliably?

Would the hours and dollars you spend on your website be wasted? Would you be starting from scratch if you decided to sell someone else's product?

It's quite possible to set up a website that can be flexible enough to deal with that should you ever decide it's in your best interest to change.

9. Do make your focus creating relationships

Take a break from trying to close the sale every once in a while. If you spend all your time selling, especially when you just met someone, it makes it difficult to create a valuable connection.

People can see right through you when you are only in it for the money, and you know it.

Instead, focus on building relationships. Relationships and networks are what make network marketing such a powerful system of leverage, and if you make the relationship your priority instead of the sale, it will show.