Creative Web Design Or SEO – For Success!

In the success story of a website, both design and search engine optimization (SEO) play an important role as their work is vital for a successful online presence. While SEO helps in driving traffic to your site, the designing part helps in grabbing the attention of the users.

Even though both are essential for the success of a website, yet they employ very different techniques and ideas.

Designing Part

Any experienced web designing company, whether based in the UK, the USA or Asia, would keep one objective in common while designing a web site – and that that is what the purpose of the web site and who is it being made for.

In keeping with Web 2.0 trends, a web site today needs to be designed keeping in view the users' perspective. It is a user-driven economy on the web now and all web sites must conform to what users want. It is not enough to have a wonderful appealing graphic design or some superb flash and animation work on the web site. The web site also needs to offer enough interesting inputs to the user through relevant information, interactive features, user-friendly web design and navigation structure.

SEO Part

If the designer is responsible for making the website look appealing and be user-friendly, it is the job of the SEO experts to make its presence felt amongst its target audience. SEO helps in driving traffic to a website to increase its visibility.

SEO does not only mean placing relevant keywords at the right place. It is an intricate and laborious incorporating indexing of pages, directory submissions, link building, talking about the web site in relevant social forums and networking sites and so on.

Which one is more important?

The credit for overall popularity of a website can not be given singularly to either designers or SEO experts. It is a joint venture and there must be a balance between the two. One can not single handedly establish the brand identity of an online business without the support of the other.

Suppose, the SEO experts have successfully driven traffic to your site, but what happens if the user does not find the site up to the standard? Again, what's the use of a good website design if its online presence is significantly low?

The web designers must understand the basics of SEO and on the other hand an SEO expert must comprehend the importance of designing elements required for branding. It is essential for both to understand and meet the expectations of the web site's target audience. Users want both search visibility and appealing design and this in turn helps the web site in establishing a strong online presence.

Last but not the least, it is essential to find an affordable web design company which also provides SEO services. Firstly you do not have to look for two companies and secondly, there are few chances of clashes between the two different departments.

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