Currys sell out on PS5 launch and John Lewis website crashes in race for console stock


rustrated PlayStation 5 fans have hit out online as Currys sold out of the much-hyped console and scalpers on eBay sell it for a vastly inflated price.

eBay users are currently selling pre-orders for the console for around £1,000 after getting ahead of the queue as retailers released their stock through this morning.

John Lewis’ website crashed as they launched the PS5 at 8am with desperate shoppers smashing their refresh button in attempt to claim the console.

Game, Currys and Tesco’s websites have all crashed this morning as eager shoppers scramble to get their hands on a PlayStation 5.

PS5 orders have once again been thrown into chaos as the country’s largest retailers’ websites struggle to handle the spike in traffic as the console officially goes on sale in the UK.

At the time of writing John Lewis’ website, which was due to begin selling PS5 stock at 8am, is down simply displaying an error message stating “We’re currently experiencing a problem. While we work on fixing this, please try to refresh the page or come back later.”

Twitter users hit out at scalpers who buy large quantities of in-demand items, such as new electronics or tickets, at a regular price, hoping that the items sell out before reselling for a quick profit.

Billy Tripp, 31, said he was growing “hungry and angry” in his quest to claim a Playstation 5.

He said: “They are selling ‘pre-orders’ not the console. I feel like we should scalp all these scalpers Native American style.”

Another added: “If you scalp PS5’s, just remember you’re probably ruining a child’s Christmas. It’s hearltess.”

Youtuber Manny said: “Aye I didn’t know that the PS5 and Xbox Series X would be so hard to get. I went on Curry’s at 9 and the queue was 160k people loool.”

The PS5 furore comes as complaints against Currys PC World are surging during the pandemic as customers reveal their struggles for refunds and replacements for faulty products.

Which? has received 1,700 complaints about the retailer since January, representing 10 per cent of all complaints regarding faulty goods sent to the consumer group.

Complaints have included one NHS key worker whose leaking washing machine was not properly repaired and she ended up waiting months for a goodwill replacement.

A spokesman for Currys PC World said: ‘We are truly sorry to customers who haven’t received the standard of customer service we expect of ourselves.

“All through the pandemic we have been experiencing unprecedented demand for the vital technology that has been keeping families fed, clean and entertained and helping people work from home.”

Game tweeted: “Our 9am go live for the PS5 is on hold.

“We’re really sorry and we are hoping that we will go live later today.

“We will provide an update on our page when we’re back up and running!”

John Lewis have been contacted for comment.

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