Customizable Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes have gained a lot of popularity in the last year and many small business owners are consider them instead of building custom web sites. Premium WordPress Themes offer more functionality and their look is more unique compared to the free themes that are widely available on the Internet. Many of the premium themes also have a control panel that is more advanced and are widget ready. The advanced control panel comes in very handy when you want to setup a theme because you will not be required to touch any code. The authors of premium WordPress Themes also provide direct support to users.

At the moment, one of the most popular styles of premium WordPress Themes is Magazine or News themes. There are various themes you can choose from in this category and the difference is usually in the quality. One of the most common premium WordPress Themes in this category is WP-Magazine, WP-MediaMag and WP-Genius which are suitable for websites that have a lot of content and need to display a significant percentage on the homepage. These theme layout include custom widgets, a homepage you can customize, unique color schemes, built-in backend options panel and an automatic thumbnail creation.

If you take a look at WP-Genius, you will see that you have a control panel which makes it possible to customize and manage many elements of the home page. For example, you will see that the homepage has a content glider section which lets you highlight the images and stories that are most important on your site. Other controls provide you with choices for how display colors, category content, videos, and subscription information on your site.

One of the mistaken perceptions of WordPress is that it is exclusively a blogging platform that is inappropriate for corporate and business websites. This couldn’t be further from reality. First, businesses need to stay in touch with their customers and blog web sites are a great way to do. So go ahead and use WordPress themes as is to set up these important components of your Internet presence.

The innovative designers who love WordPress have figured out how to take all of the best content management functionality from this blogging platform and incorporate them into premium WordPress themes that look like full blown corporate or small business web sites. The biggest advantage of these themes is they empower the executives, marketers and communicators in an organization to quickly and easily update web content without any knowledge of how to write code. Updating an article on these premium WordPress themes is literally as easy as writing an email.