Does your Content Make or Break your Website

Once you have your website designed and formatted to your requirements, you are now faced with the challenge of deciding what content to include which will effectively promote your site to your visitors and prospective customers.

The information you provide to those who view your website is just as important as the design and layout of the site. Poor unreferenced content will drive visitors away. Your words are your life blood to your site. Without the right words you will not entice your visitors to stay and read the information you have provided. At best they will merely skim the surface or simply scroll down to the end. At worse they will berely click the back button.

If your content is not original, does not motivate, inspire, educate or provide a solution to a problem for which your visitors are seeking an answer, they will simply move on and probably never return.

Your content must be relevant and useful so that it will promote sales and boost revenue.
The more unique your content is the better it will be for keeping your customers interested and repeatedly returning to your site on a regular basis.

Unless you are generating income by selling your products or services your website will be mercely a money wasting venture rather than a money making venture.

It is vital that you refresh your website information regularly. A lazy site will deter repeat customers and reduce sales and consequentially lower your income.

Content should not be seen just as a marketing ploy. Although you want to promote your website and get as much traffic as possible without you convert this to sales you are not fulfilling your ultimate reason for being online. Naturally this will not apply if you have set up your website just for family interests like sharing photos, you have a favorite hobby you want to promote without selling products or alternatively your site is not for profit and purely information only. The majority of people online are there to generate income while providing solutions and answers for problems and questions your visitors are wanting resolved.

Carefully evaluate the information you are offering to your visitors to make sure it is in keeping with the purpose of your site. If you fail to meet this basic principle your content will be seen to be futile and of no value as it will not be what your visitors are searching for.

Inappropriate or irrelevant content has no place in your website. You must strive to create the most up to date data there is available in accordance with your subject matter. Keeping your site current will not only attract new visitors but will motivate them to becoming customers who want to return to your site time after time.

Try and keep your visitors hungry for more. The standard of excellence achieved by your content will encourage your visitors to share the excitation they have experienced at your site with their family, friends and colleagues who they know would love what you are offering.

The result is your customer base grows and your income thrives. You will have achieved the ultimate goal of being online – repetitive passive income.

Apply these steps and you and your visitors will not be disappointed.


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