Ecommerce Website Design

When people go to shops, they do not mere place a premium on the item that they want to buy. This is because they also value the convenience by which they are able to purchase something and the customer service they receive from the store personnel, both of which contribute to the whole customer experience. If a shop effectively provides these very important elements, it can be expected that customers will keep coming back. With E-commerce Web sites, the same principle applies since people who buy online also need to be wooed with a unique customer experience that lets them return for repeat business.


One very important element that your Web site should have is the convenience by which customers could navigate your site. To do this, it would be a good idea to use a plain and a consistent look and feel on all pages and your text should be clear and readable. You should also minimize using flashy graphics since these take time to load and your customers may not have the time to wait for them. In addition to this, you should also make the log in process on your site very easy to accomplish because the less clicks needed to buy a product, the better.

You should also make sure that the product images you use are clear and that your products are organized in different categories so that your customers will not be bombarded with all your products on one page. Pop-up messages should also be kept to a minimum since these kinds of messages can turn off your customers.

Customer Service

Apart from convenience, you also need to provide your customers with good customer service. To do this, you need to equip your sites with tools tat can cater to some special needs of your customers. This includes providing multiple payment options since this would allow your customers to pick the mode of payment that they want to use. You should also make sure that different policies that relate to security, privacy, and refunds are clearly spelled out so that your customers would know what to expect and be properly guided with their purchases. In addition to these, you should also try to provide additional services to your customers such as fee gift wrapping services.

Two of the most important elements that you should consider while you are building your E-commerce Web site are the convenience and the customer service that your site can provide to your customers. This is because these contribute to the unique customer experience that your customers will get when they visit your site, which will determine whether they will come back.