Elephant puts trunk inside truck for banana treat. Viral video divides Internet

a close up of a boy: Screenshot from video posted on Twitter by Parveen Kaswan.

Screenshot from video posted on Twitter by Parveen Kaswan.

A video of an elephant has become the subject of discussion on the internet after Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan posted the clip on Twitter on November 11. The short clip has gone viral on social media with almost two lakh views.


In the video that Kaswan shared, a truck driver stopped his vehicle as he spotted an elephant on the highway. Thereafter, the elephant walked towards the truck as the driver helped the animal to put his trunk inside through the window and eat the food items kept in the vehicle.

One of the associates of the truck driver also helped the elephant to eat some bananas kept along with the food items in the truck.

The elephant, then, pulled his trunk outside the truck with a bunch of bananas.

“Daylight robbery on a highway,” Kaswan said in the caption of his video, adding, “On a serious note this is why you see ‘Do not feed wild animals’ board near forest area. They become habitual of new taste. And keep coming to road and near human. This is not helpful to them in long run. Though possibly this is not related with this video.”

Watch the video here:


There are different opinions about the video as per the comments section. “Thank God that man is safe,” a user said while expressing concern about the driver.

Several others disagreed with Kaswan’s caption of refraining from feeding wild animals, and said, “All animals have equal rights on all the types of natural fruits and vegetables like us and we should share our food with all animals equally.”

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