Expert shares do’s and don’ts for gadgets and electronics amid floods

Many of us depend on gadgets and appliances for school and work, and it would be such a shame to lose them all to flash floods such as those that ravaged parts of Luzon during the onslaught Typhoon Ulysses last week.

This is why “Unang Hirit” invited an expert on gadgets to help viewers at home save some of their water-damaged gadgets and keep them secure for future disasters.

According to Tony Roman, one should carefully assess gadgets and household appliances to make sure they are truly beyond saving after being submerged in water.

Consider is how long a gadget has been submerged in flood. “Hindi naman kasi agad-agad pumapasok ang tubig sa luob ng gadget,” he explained.

One should avoid turning gadgets on right away. Especially, when it’s been submerged in mud, don’t plug it in asap because the mud that’s managed to enter your device, “pag mag-dry yun, dumidikit,” he said.

Instead, Roman would suggest cleaning them off with wipes and then separating its different components (like its battery for instance, and the chip inside) and finally, using the proper method of drying them.

A good example is placing a soaked phone inside a container with rice or silica gel that can soak up the moisture for 24-48 hours.

Using a hairdryer to quicken the process is also a big don’t.

It’s always a shame for expensive gadgets bought with hard-earned money to go to waste, so Roman also gave some tips on how to make sure your gadgets are safe when an unexpected flood hits. — Margaret Claire Layug/LA, GMA News     

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