Free tests to improve your search results and increase website traffic

Back in the day, creating a website meant getting your hands dirty in code, figuring out hosting, and maybe even hiring a webmaster. Now you can create a site in minutes; no HTML or CSS experience is needed.

Maybe that site is meant for only certain eyes. Follow these steps to create a private website for sharing family updates, photos, or whatever else you want through Squarespace.

But it’s more likely you want as many people to your website as possible. Make sure once they get there, they’re not disappointed. Tap or click for 10 ways to improve your website.

Now let’s look at some smart, useful resources every website owner should use. Trust me. You’ll want to bookmark these.

Start with Google Search Console

When it comes to search, Google reigns supreme. If you want more traffic, start here. Google provides a free tool to help you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s presence in Google Search results.