Gadgets – The History

We create hundreds of gadgets every week and the majority of them are electronic and much more functional, but are they as useful as those ones before?

At the very beginning people where gathering fruit, fruits and vegetables they were finding to feed themselves. Then they started hunting using rocks to kill animals. The first gadget created at that time was a bow and arrow, hunters were the most successful and they also used them to protect themselves from there enemies.

Centuries later, when humans needed to transport materials they designed the wheel. Why so late? was not it needed earlier. the result of their wheel creation, was the wheel barrow, the horse and cart, and then of course the car, many things we take for granted now use the wheel for example most mechanical devices gave wheels, even modern day ipods have wheels. Where we be without wheels well, most of us probably a lot fitter and slimmer, how many of us just get in the car and go without a thought, many I'm sure and of course these days there is the green issue, was there a green issue before the wheel was invented? now there's a thought

So, all the gadgets in history have effected our evolution, in modern times we creat hundreds of gadgets every year, many very useful, some well some are just gadgets !! The question is, are modern gadgets going to have such an effect or go down in history as the ones our Ancestors invented.