Garmin Edge 520 Plus bike computer reduced in Black Friday sales

Black Friday has well and truly arrived, and right now there are Black Friday Garmin deals aplenty. One of the best deals we’ve found today concerns the Edge 520 Plus computer. 

The Garmin Edge 520 Plus is an advanced yet easy-to-use GPS computer ideal for cyclists of all disciplines, from on-road to off-road, serious or leisurely, short distance or long. It’s packed with features and can track more data than you’ll likely ever need to use, so it’s perhaps unsurprisingly a popular companion for many a cyclist.

It’s not the newest model in the Garmin line-up, but fortunately for anyone in the market for a new cycling computer, that means it’s been given the Black Friday treatment, as you’ll find below.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus | 25% off at Amazon UK
Was £199.99 | Now £149.99
In the UK, Amazon goes one better – well, actually three better – with a saving of 25%. 

Although, if Amazon were to sell out, (or if you simply prefer to shop elsewhere) the same deal is also available at Wiggle.

Where else can you get the Edge 520 Plus?

Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps…

Garmin Edge® 520 Plus Bike…

Garmin Edge 520 Plus Bike…

Garmin Edge 520 Plus Bike…

Garmin Edge 520 Plus GPS…

Having ‘Plus’ in the name refers to the fact Garmin released this updated version of the original Edge 520, an update in which they packed in improved navigation features and the ability to track virtually every metric you can think of. 

All in all, it’s a modern, compact cycling computer that can be used for training, racing, commuting and more thanks to its many features. These include Di2 integration (allowing you to see the battery life of your electronic drivetrain), Strava Live Segments, FTP testing, VO2 Max calculation, and it even offers up recommended recovery times – plus, of course, the standard metrics you’d expect to find on a cycling computer, including distance, speed, and elevation. You can also connect it to a heart-rate monitor and power meter for more in-depth data if you wish.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus not for you? 

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