Getting a Bump in Size

Since I reached my adult age, I’ve felt self conscious about my size. I thought about having an enlargement procedure done, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work out. Whatever process would be done would more than likely be painful, and there was a good chance that my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Instead, I looked for pill based solutions to my problem, and found out about Vimax. I looked at some reviews from people who tried it before and they were satisfied with the results, so I thought it would be nice to give it a shot.

I ordered some of the pills online and tried them over the course of a month. I knew that it would take a while for the results to start coming, so I tried to give myself a little patience. I also wasn’t expecting some kind of miracle, but any kind of improvement would have been great for me, because what I had at the time I started taking the pills was what I would consider an embarrassment. I was even afraid of getting intimate with women because I was too worried about how they would perceive me. I felt as if I was one of the smallest men on Earth.

After a month of taking the pills, I had a noticeable improvement in size, and I felt better about it. I wasn’t afraid of getting intimate anymore and actively put myself back on the dating scene. Things have changed a bit since I last started looking for a partner. Everyone seems to rely on apps to do all of the work of finding partners, which can be a little weird since some of the personal interaction is put to the back burner. I don’t mind using them, but it takes a while to adjust.