Good Browser Titles

A lot of people underestimate how effective a well written browser title is, in terms of SEO.

Seriously, do not underestimate this simple rule. A good browser title can be a significant boost in search engine rankings (especially Google and Yahoo).

So how to write a good browser title?

Well firstly capitalize the first letter of every word except prepositions (of, and etc).

I'm not sure if this benefits SEO in anyway but it's correct grammar wise so will make your site more look slowly more professional to grammar geeks. Perception and conjecture based on image, layout, usability is key to the influence of a good site.

Anyways, the most important thing is keywords, obviously. But you do not want to just ram pack the title with keywords in a spam fashion. Type the title naturally, not too long, not too short, just presentable and readable, write it for humans!

You just have to make sure it describes the page well so that the keywords in the title will match the keywords on the page and if you can, the page header.

An example:

Say your page is about … health issues with smoking.

You've got something like:

"Info and Help with Smoking Health Issues | Lung Caner | Smoking Kills!"

It's good to sometimes include a question also as a lot of people type query's rather than just random keywords.

But remember, you need to make your title stand out in some way otherwise it will just get lumbered in with the rest, but do not go to the other extreme as ending up on the spam end of things!