Granting an Old Man’s Wish

Last month, my grandfather turned 90 years old. He’s lived a long and fulfilling life, and we asked him what he wanted to do for a birthday party. He said that he’s seen a lot of things, but he’s never seen a magician up close, so he wanted us to hire a magician. We found one on that could perform at the party and prepared grandfather for the party of a lifetime. He wanted to see all kinds of things disappear and pick a card from a deck of cards. I think he’s watched a lot of magicians on television over the years, so he had a lot of tricks in mind.

When the magician came to the party, my grandfather acted like a kid who was having his 7th birthday party, rather than his 90th. He cheered as every trick was being done, especially when he got to participate in the trick. He got to have his card picked and even saw something disappear right before his eyes. When the party was over and the magician had to leave, my grandfather was sad to see him go, but was glad that he got to see him perform.

Next year when my grandfather has his birthday party, he wants the same magician to come back and perform some tricks. I think he’ll be having magicians at his parties for the rest of his life. He even wants us to have a magician at our birthday parties when we have them. I was thinking of not even having a party for myself this year and just going out to dinner with my family, but it would be a fun idea to have a magician. The magicians always have some new tricks up their sleeves, and I’m curious to see what the one we hired has been planning.

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