Guy Montgomery: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Comedy

I’d never been online before I was asked to compile this list so it has been quite a tough job finding 10 things, but I worked very hard and this is what I found.

1. An instructive video

This tomato-faced little guy just brings it every time. Spoons on his eyes, massive emphasis on the MMMMMMM before announcing what purpose the spoons serve. Five seconds of heaven.


2. This man’s limoncello that needs a bit more sugar

A video that is improved by knowing exactly what is going to happen as soon as it starts. Here is a well-intentioned man trying his first batch of homemade liqueur limoncello. What could possibly go wrong?

Party people! Time for some limoncello.

3. This man taking the cinnamon challenge

Do not try this at home.

Exactly the same genre as limoncello, only more so. Plus this clip is enhanced by a dramatic preamble about how well everything is about to go.

4. This tweet

I personally have not.

5. This unfortunate moment

Not a wasted second in this video, it just drops you right in.

I understand the sentiment of the yelling man, you would be absolutely gutted.

6. Fight Night Live’s attempt to do the right thing

There is a Twitter account called Accidental Partridge that takes real moments from broadcasting and immediately recontextualises them in your head as though they were written for legendary comedy character Alan Partridge, and this one is on the nose. An absolute home run of woefully misplaced good intentions.

I do not know who wrote this article but I owe them a debt of gratitude for some of the deepest, hardest laughs I have had in my life. I read this list twice annually to see if it is as funny as I remember it and it never disappoints.

Also from Clickhole. Barry Wilmore is a real-life astronaut, but if you look up his Wikipedia page this memory isn’t anywhere to be found … seems suss.

9. This spectacular Rube Goldberg machine

I’ve seen a lot of these machines but never one as good as this!

10. Election week cold open, Saturday Night Live

SNL is the greatest sketch show in the world and the premise of this hilarious bit is that after Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016 Kate McKinnon would dress up like Hillary Clinton and sing Hallelujah. Still cracks me up to this day.

Not giving up.

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