How Do I Remove PAV Off of My Computer? It’s Easy – Remove Only in 5 Steps

Before we discuss how to remove PAV from a computer let us first have a bird's eye view of the threat. Personal anti virus or PAV, as is commonly called, is fake software that performs a chilling job of introducing a virus in the system and thus infecting the entire system. All your personal data is at immediate risk and the stability of your system is under threat.

These powerful Trojans hide in the deep recesses of the personal computer and try as you might may never be able to locate what is exactly going wrong. The latest version of PAV actually disables the genuine anti virus that is running in the background thus putting the computer at a far greater risk of being an open gateway now for a family of Trojans to enter into your machine.

Following 5 easy steps should help to remove PAV completely from your system:

1. The moment you notice a pop up coming up with a message "Your computer has been infected – critical threat" or some such similar messages, save all your work and switch off the internet.

2. Close all programs and data files and activate a scan of your computer – if your antivirus has been tampered with you may have to download a good antivirus from a reputable download site – read through all reviews and ratings before downloading anything in your computer. A reputable antivirus with the latest updates will help to remove PAV completely.

3. Your antivirus will show the Trojan sitting pretty in the c: Documents and Settings and c: Program files folders. You may also find the virus hiding in some of the messaging systems. Delete all these files one by one. Invariably these files will be marked by red, and a good antivirus will do the deleting itself.

4. To make sure you are completely safe and free from PAV, go to the task manager and see if any unknown exe file is running in the background gobbling up huge bytes and using up limited resources. Delete the file.

5. Perform a reboot of your computer. On rebooting scan the computer once again.

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