How Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Can Create Financial Health

Do you know people who always seem to do well financially, and others who are always struggling regardless of the economic times? What creates this difference in reality experience?

In general people don’t question their experience of reality. It is the ground we stand on to make sense of our world. It just is what is. Reality is what we see, experience, and feel. We experience it as something objective that is external to us, and that imposes itself on us.

But we are never experiencing reality directly. We are only experiencing a model of reality. That is because we define reality based on the information that our senses are picking up. But there are massive amounts of information that are bombarding our senses every moment, and it would be impossible to take all of it in. So we filter in a very small percentage of it, and filter out most of it. What we filter in or out is very subjective, having to do with the workings of our mind. But it is what defines our model of reality. This means, to a large degree and on an unconscious level, we are choosing our experience of reality, as opposed to reality imposing itself on us.

Limiting decisions can have a lot to do with what pieces of information you filter in or out. From the NLP perspective, limiting decisions are what cause you to bring into your life what you don’t want, rather than what you do want – such as financial struggles rather than financial health. They are at the core of what holds in place any pattern in your life that is not working well.

They are decisions such as you are bad, not valuable, powerless, that people can’t be trusted, and so on. Limiting decisions are usually formed before the age of 6 or 7 years old, and sometimes in adolescence.

Here’s an example of a limiting decision being formed from the Neuro Linguistic Programming perspective:

Let’s say you are 5 years old. Your father usually comes home from work very late each night, looking exhausted from working so hard. He’s always too tired and irritable to play with you and just wants everyone to be quiet. But this evening he comes home from work early, looking very upset and defeated. He has just been laid off from his job. You can tell he just wants to give up. And your mother looks very frightened.

You suddenly feel very overwhelmed, frightened and insecure. You find yourself in an internal state of chaos and confusion, because you’ve never experienced this kind of situation before. It’s a state of shock. The emotional process that generally happens for children when this kind of thing occurs is that your conscious mind stops functioning, and your unconscious mind takes over. This is a very impressionable trance state. In this state you decide on a meaning for what you have just experienced.

Let’s say in this case you decide that succeeding in life is an overwhelming struggle. And then that decision gets locked into your physiology – your muscle contractions, your breathing patterns and your neuro-networks. Then you conscious mind takes back over, not realizing your unconscious mind has made a decision. And from then on, you’re filtering your experience through that decision, like an unconscious assumption about the nature of life. In other words your experience of reality has now been distorted, because of that decision. And your unconscious mind then becomes very invested in proving that decision is true. In order to do that it works like a background computer program, filtering in information that proves the limiting decision to be true, and filtering out information that disproves it.

You have now created an internal reality that succeeding in life is an overwhelming struggle. And how you approach earning a living as you grow up will play out this reality. No matter what you do, or what kind of job you look for, you always find yourself struggling financially. Or perhaps you succeed for a while, but eventually you fall back into the same kind of struggling financial state.

You may eventually realize that life doesn’t have to be that way, as you observe others doing much better than you. You may study the Law of Attraction and go to wealth workshops and try any number of things to learn how to succeed in business. But you find yourself basically knocking your head against the wall. And that is because you are not dealing with the source of the problem, which is in your unconscious mind. That’s where the limiting decision is locked in.

The NLP TimeLine Process is a very effective solution to releasing limiting decisions that hold financial or just about any kind of problem in place. Through hypnosis, this process brings you back to that very first event in which you made the limiting decision, in order to release it from your unconscious mind. Because it uses Neuro Linguistic Programming technology, it is set up according to how the brain creates experience, and is very effective at effecting profound life change.