How to Format and Optimize your Branding Website

While it is true that your squeeze page is critical to generating leads, it is also important to correctly set up and optimize your branding website. What exactly should you put on your branding website? What format should you use? Following are tips from an Internet marketing guru.

Branding Website Format:

The general format and layout of your branding website should resemble the format and layout of your sales letter. This means that the header, footer, and side lines in your sales letter should be used on your branding website as well. The header, footer, and side lines are a great way to enclose text. This layout gives a clean look that is easy on the eyes and loads quickly.

The most important feature on your branding website is the Opt-In box. This is so critical that is bears repeating. The most important feature on your branding website is the Opt-In box. The Opt-In box enables website visitors to sign up for your subscriber list. The Opt-In box should be placed on the far left hand side of the branding website. This is the area where eyes tend to go first when people come across your branding website. Having a visible Opt-In box provides an easy opportunity to subscribe to your list.

Your branding website should also include information about the products and services that you offer. For example, coaching, speaking, promoting, and product information should be presented. This allows the website visitor to become familiar with you and your products / services.

Make sure to also provide two free resources. Free resources demonstrate to visitors that you are not solely out for their money, but will offer them something free in the beginning of the relationship. Free resources can be anything you choose. Common examples include free articles, e-zines, and audios.

Do not forget to have an "About You" section on your branding website. Provide your background, credentials, and even a photo. You may want to brand your face along with your products. Displaying a photo helps visitors to feel more comfortable with your products and services. They see the "face" behind the Internet business.

Also include testimonials and press releases on your branding website. Potential clients want to see your track record through testimonials. They also want to find out what your Internet business has been up to through the press releases.

Make sure that you provide contact information. Encourage website visitors to contact you if they questions or concerns. This way you are promoting an open, comfortable business relationship.

Branding Website Optimization:

Many Internet business entrepreneurs want to know how to optimize their branding site. Simple, you optimize it the same way you optimize your squeeze page. Remember, the goal is to have your squeeze page rank # 1 in the search engines, while your branding website ranks # 2. The key is to have search engine visitors see your name in the first few spots in the search engine results. This will help promote your image as the authority on that specific topic.