How to Get More Website Traffic With Super Targeted Visitors? 5 Hot Tips That You Can Trust!

The most important ingredient when you build a website is how to get more website traffic? Without website targeted traffic, there will not be any sales. Super targeted visitors equal to more sales. Actually, you can drive lots of website traffic with lots of resources but in this article, I will show you five of the most effective and genius ways to increase website traffic to your website.

1) Quality Content

In this new age of technology, more and more people are searching on the internet for information. If you are selling product or information on the internet through article or content, people will buy from you if your article is offering unique, original and helpful information to their problem or needs.

2) Use Pay Per Click Advertising Or Facebook Advertising

This is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website instantly. If you done your ad correctly and adhere to Google or Facebook rules, your ad will be approved and advertise to millions of people. Facebook has about 390,000,000 views worldwide and less restriction than Google. Of course, Google is the pioneer when comes to PPC. Use both and test your result. One word of caution. Learn PPC properly before you advertise. Budget is another factor to take into consideration before you advertise.

3) Use Forum Posting

One of the most effective method is to be active in Forum. Do not just blatantly promote your product or service. Be active in the community by asking questions or giving solution to problems that have been asked in the member area. Include your product or service link in your sig profile so that people will be able to see it when you post or thread in the forum.

4) SEO Friendly

Your website must be SEO friendly. This is very important step that you have to take. Let me give an example. Like I said earlier, people are searching information through the search engine. If they look for Dating, they will type dating in the Google search engine. The result that comes out will be all about dating. Is your website appear at the first page of Google search engine?

It's critical that your website is using appropriate keyword or rephrase. The key here will be the keyword you are choosing. Choose keyword that have low competition, half fill advertisers and good searches by global per month.

5) Write Article And submit to thousands of article directories

If you want to learn how to get more website traffic, learn article marketing. This is one of the most powerful free marketing tool to drive massive targeted traffics to your website. Write spelling titles and keyword rich inserted to your title, body and anchor text link in your sig box. Point your link in the signature box back to your website.

People can click on your link to read more about your website if they interested in your article. This is why more and more people is using article marketing as a tool mean to drive more traffics to their website because it's FREE.