How to Increase Website Traffic Hits

Increasing your "hits," or to be more precise, your website traffic hits can be straightforward enough, if you know a few tricks of the trade. The process is not overly complicated, although admittedly, not every method can be availed of for just a song. Some methods have been successfully done over the past few years, but improving on these can really generate a lot more traffic for your site.

One such example is providing free, original and quality content. Of course, Internet savvy people have been writing a lot of literature since the introduction of the Information Highway. That means competition can be really fierce. So how exactly can you step up your efforts to about a notch or two?

Well, for starters, you can start limiting your scope. Generalized ideas are a dime a dozen, and almost everyone has their own opinions about generalized themes like everyday living, gardening, dieting, etc. However, if you try limiting the scope of your website's content to: dealing with teenage anxiety by introducing sports, or raising orchids in your backyard, or subscribing to a fast energy releasing carbohydrate diet, then you are more likely to score hits with people who want this very specific type of information.

If possible, you can bring to light some ideas that very few people are presenting as of yet. This practice can bring you to the top of any search engine results page in a hurry. And that alone can get your site a lot of traffic.

It is also essential that you keep your website "fresh" by presenting new articles everyday … or at the very least, every week. Try to skip the practice of rewriting your old articles or rehashing someone else's. Internet savvy people who may be following your website's progress will find your contents becoming torpid and dull. Although some other first time drop-bys may help increase your traffic count, it is your "older" website patrons that can generate you more hits by referring your sites to others. If you can not find the time or energy to write new materials, you can outsource this task elsewhere. Price, speed and quality of the work depends on the service provider you get; so shop around if you can.

And, stop creating zombie sites. Zombie sites are web pages where someone takes literature from another website, and post it on their own without citing the original source. These sites are usually tagged as "zombies" because the search engines automatically puts them at the bottom of the search engine results page, or the entire website gets deleted automatically from any SERP for posting copyrighted materials. Stick to original works. If you find other sites that are posting your work without permission, then they are the ones that will be tagged as zombie sites. The main key here is to launch the post first before others can.

One innovative way of establishing a solid traffic base is to provide an interactive addition on your web pages. This may come in the form of a chat box (also known as a shout out box), or a separate forum page. Here, your traffic is not only encouraged to voice out their opinions, post questions, offer suggestions, etc .; but they also tend to linger longer on the pages. This gives your site more opportunities of being explored – since, repetitive visits from the same client. And if you are selling products or offering services, or your site is a pay-per-click site, this could easily translate to revenues.