How to Increase Your PageRank And Increase Website Traffic

In order to attract free web traffic from the search engines, you need to know how to increase PageRank. Building PageRank is mostly about getting backlinks to your website. The more backlinks the higher your PageRank will be, and the more free, natural traffic your site will receive from Google and other search engines.

Search engines are relying on links placed on other websites, which point to your site, in order to decide which web pages to display on top when people make a query. The engines see a link to your website from another site as a vote for your site, so increasing the number of inbound links is how to increase PageRank.

However, it’s not the number of backlinks alone that counts when deciding your PageRank; the quality of the linking sites is important, as is the relevance of those sites, as well as contextual linking. The use of anchor text in your links is also important. These factors are weighted for each inbound link.

This means you have to get lots of backlinks to build PageRank. There are a number of ways to gather links. Most importantly, include valuable, high-quality information on your website; create content that users appreciate so much they will come back to your site for more. Then they will link to your pages, they will bookmark them on bookmarking sites, and they will tell their friends who then might link to your site, and so on.

With unique, attractive content on your web pages, you can get lots of inbound links, and your links will grow naturally and come from a variety of different sites. And this is exactly the way Google likes your links to grow. So, if you work hard on creating the best possible, valuable and helpful content on your web pages, the number of backlinks will increase slowly but steadily. This is the best way to increase your PageRank.

There are many methods to create backlinks though, by which you will be taking some action yourself to have other websites link back to yours. Here are some of the most common methods:

  • Writing and publishing articles
  • Submitting your website to web directories
  • Exchanging links with other websites
  • Participating in forums
  • Using Twitter, Facebook and other social sites
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Bookmarking
  • Using link building services and tools

These are the most common tactics, however there are many more ways to generate backlinks and increase PageRank.

There are a few other things to take into consideration when trying to build PageRank that you might not have thought of, for example…

Give Away Content

Give your readers permission to copy and distribute the content of your website. Make sure they give you credit for the content, and a link back to your site.

Maximum Up-time

It’s important that the up-time of your website is the best possible. If your website is not available for some time, Google may notice and reduce the ranking of your site accordingly. Therefore, make sure you have reliable web hosting that can provide your site with a maximum of up-time.

Search Your Website on Google

When visiting your website online, use Google to find it instead of entering your web address into your browser. Enter your web address into Google’s search box instead. The reason for this is that Google is more inclined to improve the ranking of a site that people search for and visit.

There are many more factors Google takes into account when deciding a page’s rank, and nobody knows them all. Besides, Google every now and then changes how it calculates a site’s importance. Therefore, the safest way to build PageRank is to provide unique, quality content that people appreciate; then the links will come.