HughesNet Is Your Internet Service Provider Of Choice

If you want the best combination of flexibility, convenience, and reliability in your high speed Internet service, then HughesNet is your Internet service provider of choice. While any company can promise high speeds and great quality service, HughesNet can back it up with a great combination of sophisticated technology, great values, and excellent customer support.

So what sets HughesNet apart from other Internet service providers in? Beside a commitment to thorough customer satisfaction and providing the best service possible, the undering answer is technology. Like so much else in life, the foundation that you build from influences the degree of success that you enjoy for years or even decades to come. In the case of HughesNet, that foundation was satellite technology.

Satellite technology offers a number of advantages that other types of technology that facilitate high speed Internet simply can not. Perhaps the largest advantage of satellite technology is that that it makes high speed Internet available just about everywhere in the continental United States. While other types of high speed Internet, like DSL and broadband cable Internet, are limited to where phone lines and cables run, satellite signals are available everywhere there's an open view of the southern sky. Broadband cable may rival HughesNet when it comes to speed, but since digital cable networks only cover relatively limited areas, there's simply no comparison when it comes to availability. DSL is more wider available than broadband cable, but its availability and connection speed is limited by the availability of phone lines. Not only that, but just because you might have a phone line, that does not mean that it can handle DSL. Beside, DSL tops out at a speed below where HughesNet's service starts out! The only other Internet connection technology that rivals high speed satellite in terms of availability is dial up, and even if dial up could possibly compare in speed and bandwidth with satellite Internet, it would still be limited by the availability of phone lines.

With high speed satellite Internet access from HughesNet, you can literally live completely off the grid, yet stay connected with better Internet service than many people enjoy in the middle of major metropolitan areas. The fact that very few locations do not have a clear view to the southern sky, combined with the major advances in technology that can use the sun and wind to generate electricity means that you can stay connected and enjoy great entertainment while living just about anywhere in – regardless of the status of the local electrical grid or established communication infrastructure.

Another major advantage that HughesNet derives from high speed satellite Internet technology is the speed itself. No type of communications technology is as good at moving large quantities of data as quickly as satellite technology is. This fact is reflected by the fact that residential customers in can choose service with maximum download speeds of 1 or 1.5 megabytes, and business customers can choose service with maximum download speeds of 1.5 or 2.0 megabytes.

HugheNet also offers a number of services that will streamline the experience of being on line and make it safer for your family, your computer equipment, and even your financial well being. For example, the complimentary email addresses that come with every HughesNet account have spam and virus filtering. You'll also have access to tech support around the clock. In addition to complimentary services, you can also purchase one of the best security software packages available. This software contains a firewall, pornography filters, and plenty of features that can help streamline your online experience.

For the most flexible and highest quality high speed Internet experience available, the clear choice is HughesNet. Find more information about the current HughesNet Offer.