• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

I Have Been in Montreal for a Month


Feb 4, 2018

This is a really interesting city and strange because nearly every person that you mean can speak French and English at a functional level. In theory I can do, but in practice my French is really bad. I probably could have gotten pretty good at it if I had come here twenty five years ago when I had taken two years of it in high school. Meg came up here to see me for the weekend and wanted to order careprost in Canada, but I had absolutely no clue what this was or how you get it. It turns out that this is supposed to make your eyelashes look thicker, you put it on with the same sort of brush that you use for other types of cosmetics. It is not something that I had any idea how to obtain and in fact I had no clue that she used the stuff. I honestly do not really think all that much about eyelashes to be totally honest.

At any rate she made a huge mistake by going to the web and looking around for this stuff on the web, or precisely she got on a really dodgy web page and she ended up with this really nasty malware. It is apparently something that hijacks your browser. For example if you wanted to search for some thing on the web you would go to Google and use it to find what you wanted. If you have this malware it is going to take you to some place where some person is being paid to take you. Of course the types of people who would pay a jerk to hijack your browser are not the people that you want to give your credit card number to. The only solution was to do a system restore.