Improved Genesis Tree Service Website Allows Virginia Customers to Book Appointments Easier – Press Release

Genesis Tree Service has just announced that its improved website is now available to be viewed online. They state that it includes many new features including the ability for their customers to have an easier time booking appointments with them. The newly upgraded website came about as a result of a highly collaborative effort between the experienced employees at the company and their tech support provider. It also took into consideration any website feedback their customers have given them over the years. The experienced tree care professionals at Genesis Tree Service have been performing tree services for homeowners in the Charlottesville and Albemarle County Virginia areas since 2007. In that time they have established a solid reputation for doing specialized tree services that leave any homeowner’s trees healthier and looking better. The newly launched website can be seen here at

Pedro Velasquez, Genesis Tree Service’s owner, commented, “We are a company that always tries to be as progressive as possible in every way. That’s why our crews constantly stay up to date on the latest tree care methods and why we purchase the latest and best tree trimming and removal equipment. A part of that is also having a website that is very user friendly and enhances our customers’ interactions with us. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to make some big improvements to our company’s website. The most important of which was to build in a feature that made it easier for our customers to book a tree care appointment with us. The early feedback from our customers that have used the new website indicates that our design effort was a big success.”

Velasquez went on to say that those who view the new website will notice many beneficial differences from the old one. That includes a website that is more visually pleasing due to some color changes and a better text layout. He pointed out that there is also now more information on their tree services than there was before but they also purposely kept this information as concise as possible. Several informational blogs have been added to the new website also that discuss why different tree care services are important and give valuable DIY tree care tips for those that are looking to save some money by doing minor tree care services themselves. There is even a new YouTube video at the top of the website homepage which introduces the company and their wide variety of essential tree services.

As was mentioned, one of the website’s best additions is that customers now can book an appointment with the company much easier. Velasquez says this was done by adding a much-improved customer contact form to the website. This form can easily be found by clicking on the ‘Request a Quote’ form on the new website’s homepage or by proceeding to the ‘contact us’ webpage. He added that once a customer arrives at the page with the appointment booking form, they will see a form that just takes a minute or so to fill out with general information and a checklist of the tree services that they are interested in. The company owner said that once he or another company member sees a filled out ‘Request a Quote’ form, they will immediately get back to the customer with a quote for their desired tree services and finalize an appointment for when they want the work to be done. Velasquez says, “This new and improved version of our website when combined with our reputable tree services will enable our customers to have a much better experience when working with us to get their essential tree work done.”

The company owner said that as far as their tree services go nothing has changed. They are still offering such experienced tree services as tree trimming & pruning and safe tree removal. Also on this list is storm cleanup, land clearing, tree inspection, and stump removal. He emphasized that they also are available 24-hours a day to provide emergency tree services after a storm or other mishap that involves entire trees or large branches coming down on someone’s home or in their yard. For those that are interested in getting more information on their highly-rated professional tree services, Velasquez says they can refer to the improved website or they are still always welcome to contact him by phone.


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