In order for Blender Not Easy Damage

EVEN IF blender is only used at certain times, it does not mean that its care is ignored. Some ways to keep the blender last longer.

Here are the ways to treat the blender for the condition is always good, as reviewed Wikihow:
Attach all parts of the blender correctly

Every time you use it, be sure to install all the parts correctly. In most cases, if the best blenders under 100 is installed incorrectly, then the way it works will not be good. Sometimes also, some loose parts will be thrown out so that it can damage the blender.

Puree only for the right ingredients

Even if you have a blender that is claimed to “soften all”, it’s best to use a blender to suit its purpose. If you use a blender to make pulp or other items instead of food, then use a different type of blender. So if the blender is broken, you will not feel too lost.

Cut first large meals

It’s a good idea not to directly incorporate a sizeable food into a blender. Make sure the size is smaller when will be smoothed with a blender that can be affordable blender blade. Smaller pieces will be easy to smooth.

Do it little by little

If your blender is not good, divide the food into sections and then blender little by little. If you instantly soften too much food, it’s like you by forcing yourself to chew a lot of food in the mouth.

Choose the right speed

Choose a suitable speed and the right setting to smooth or mix some groceries. Most blenders also have continuous and automatic settings.

Always clean after use

Remove the leftovers from the blender, pour water and soap or vinegar, then turn on the blender for a while. The basic blender is an electrical device, so it should not be submerged in water.

Remove the blender blade occasionally to clean it deeper. Actually, this does not need to be done every time it is cleaned, just occasionally. After cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth.

Be careful not to blend the blender on your hand. Make sure the blender is completely dry, and raft back the parts, especially the rubber parts. Make sure the knife is also installed properly.

Tip: blenders include cookware that cost not so much. If some parts of the blender do not work or are damaged, it is better to buy a new one instead of replacing that part. Usually, the price of each part is not much different from the new blender.