Internet Backs Mom for ‘Downplaying’ Daughter’s Success to Talk About Son

The internet has sided with a mom who “downplayed” her daughter’s success to discuss her son in a new viral post.

Published to Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum, a woman using the name u/pizza_pasta22 shared her story. The post has 5,000 upvotes and 500 comments.

The Reddit user is a mother of 17-year-old twins, one boy and one girl. They will soon be high school graduates and already have plans. The woman has shared her excitement for her children and how proud she was of them. Her daughter plans to attend an Ivy League school while playing soccer and her son will be joining the Air Force.

There are many famous faces that have become successful without college degrees. Some of these people are Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Alicia Keys and Bill Gates.

A few ways to become successful without a college degree include set goals for your career, look for jobs that don’t need a college degree, research professional certifications and apply for internships, according to Indeed.

Despite a college degree not being a requirement to thrive in one’s career, u/pizza_pasta22 explained that her family believes one has to attend college in order to live a successful life.

“So they were very pleased to hear my daughter is going to a Ivy League school, but they have nothing to say about my son going to the Air Force. I can tell as his mom it’s making him feel bad. Even my daughter doesn’t want her brother to be seen as less successful,” she wrote.

The internet has backed a woman who “downplayed” her daughter’s accomplishments to talk about her son in a new viral Reddit post.
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On Easter, when the Redditor’s mother brought up her daughter again, she reminded her mother that she also has a grandson that will be joining the Air Force and how she believes that he will be successful no matter what he decides to do. She also mentioned how they should show respect as he will serve the country.

She continued, “Everyone started getting upset and saying that’s not right to downplay my daughters accomplishments. My daughter even tried stepping in saying she’s proud of what her brothers doing. But they didn’t listen.”

Redditors were quick to back u/pizza_pasta22.

“[Not the A**hole] – talking up your son’s incredible accomplishments is not downplaying your daughter’s accomplishments,” u/erikarew received the top comment with over 10,000 upvotes.

They continued: “Maybe try to kill ’em with kindness – any time someone starts gushing about your daughter’s ivy league, OUT gush them and say ‘I KNOW, I can’t believe I hit the kid jackpot – a daughter starting college, a son building a career in the military – I’m the luckiest mom in the world!'”

U/CaptainMalForever commented, “[Not the A**hole]. Your title is wrong. You aren’t downplaying your daughter’s accomplishments at all. You are showing pride in both of your kids. Your family ignoring your son is rough and stupid.”

“[Not the A**hole] – pointing out that your son has plans and will also be successful is not DOWNPLAYING anything, it’s simply UPLIFTING your son,” wrote u/Alive-Reaction-7266 wrote.

Newsweek has reached out to u/pizza_pasta22 for comment.