Is Liquid Software The Next Big Thing? And How To Profit From It

What Is Liquid Software?

Digital transformation has become an imperative for all organizations, and as such, organizations of all types and sizes are increasingly dependent upon software to better engage with their customers, partners, and employees and meet the demand for constant innovation. As a result, the continuous and reliable release of new software has become mission critical – this phenomenon is known as: Liquid Software. 

How To Profit From It:

In September 2020, JFrog Ltd. went public and it specializes in the Liquid Software and DevOps space. JFrog’s collective vision is to power all software releases continuously and seamlessly across the globe. With Liquid Software, there are no software versions. No update buttons, no poor experiences and no versions users need to care about. JFrog envisions a version-free world where user experiences are continuously delivered through high quality, secure, user-friendly software and not through manual software update mechanisms. JFrog has become a pioneer in the Liquid Software and DevOps space with its Liquid Software vision because the company enables customer-centric Digital Transformation via a constant, secure, and faster flow of software.

“Liquid Software is the very real paradigm that will change the world for the next generation—and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface for our generation. I spoke to Shlomi Ben Haim, JFrog’s co-founder and CEO, and he told me, “The world is experiencing an explosion of software, and the rapid pace of digital transformation makes releasing software increasingly painful for all companies. This challenge is bringing JFrog’s vision of Liquid Software to reality for thousands of organizations — where software updates flow seamlessly and securely to any device.  We are proud to be paving the way for the modern DevOps paradigm.”

 According to the company, JFrog’s end-to-end hybrid, universal DevOps Platform is used by thousands of enterprises globally — including a majority of the Fortune 100 companies. The platform enables the flow of software seamlessly and securely from the developer’s keystrokes to production.

3 Reasons Why JFrog’s Stock Can Double: 

1. Liquid Software Is The Future:

JFrog’s vision to enable organizations to build and release software faster and more securely. In fact, the company sees it as a mission for the entire world. JFrog envisions a world where “Liquid Software” is the future and that eliminates the need for pesky software versions, constantly worrying about updating your software, or being left behind because different devices are not upgraded or compatible with the latest “version.”

In today’s digital age, speed and software innovation has become mission-critical for enterprises to better engage with their customers, partners, and employees. JFrog is the critical bridge that enables organizations worldwide to build and release software faster and more securely.

2. JFrog is the first core DevOps company to go public and has set the bar for others by creating this category at Wall Street

As the first DevOps company to go public, JFrog has set the bar as the Continuous Software Release Management (CSRM) leader in implementing software fast, securely, and efficiently. Only by leveraging an end-to-end, hybrid, multi-cloud, universal DevOps platform can developers and DevOps engineers meet increasing delivery requirements. Hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructures are a way of life, and organizations need technology that enables seamless software development and delivery across multiple clouds, which offers the power of choice without being locked into one cloud vendor.

3. JFrog’s First Earnings Beat Estimates And They Expect A Stronger Q4

In JFrog’s first quarter as a public company, it beat estimates, demonstrated strong growth, high retention, and strong momentum which  reflects the mission-critical nature of JFrog products and customer loyalty.

Jacob Shulman, JFrog’s CFO, told me, “We are uniquely positioned to offer a platform that addresses the needs of both developers and enterprises going through rapid digital transformation. We are in a market that is very large and growing fast, and we look forward to leading the market with our vision of Liquid Software.”

Looking forward, the company expects continued Year over Year growth with net dollar retention above 130%. JFrog expects trailing four quarters net dollar retention will remain above 130% for the next several quarters. JFrog is driven by inbound-inside sales, allowing them to keep the mantra of delivering products bought-by-developers and not sold. That allows the company to enjoy a high level of customer retention and make strategic investments to acquire new customers.

Bottom Line:

Successful portfolio managers and institutional investors are constantly looking for new merchandise and this new IPO has the goods to race much higher future quarters.

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