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Kang Mina Turns Into Seo In Guk’s Genius Sister In Upcoming Comedy-Mystery Drama

Kang Mina Turns Into Seo In Guk’s Genius Sister In Upcoming Comedy-Mystery Drama

New KBS drama Minamdang (romanized title) shared a look at Kang Mina in character!

Based on the popular web novel of the same name, “Minamdang” is a comedy-mystery starring Seo In Guk as a fraudulent male shaman named Nam Han Joon who used to be a profiler. Oh Yeon Seo stars as a detective in the violent crimes unit named Han Jae Hee who is passionate about justice.

Kang Mina plays Nam Han Joon’s younger sister Nam Hye Joon, who is free-spirited and energetic with a hidden brainiac side. She was once a genius hacker in the NIS, but she was spontaneous and reckless enough to suddenly announce her resignation to become a professional gamer.

The newly released stills show Kang Mina’s flawless transformation into Nam Hye Joon, who creates a lively atmosphere with her mischievous expression. In one photo, she is focused on her laptop, and her black-framed glasses highlight her sharp intelligence. Another still captures her professional aura as she confidently gazes ahead in a neat suit. Nam Hye Joon catches attention with her unique boldness, and fans are already eager to see her cute sibling chemistry with Nam Han Joon.

The production team shared, “Kang Mina with her bubbly energy and the free-spirited Nam Hye Joon are showing great synergy. Please look forward to the story of Nam Hye Joon, who seems to do whatever she wants but is actually righteous and compassionate.”

“Minamdang” is set to premiere this June.

In the meantime, check out Kang Mina in “Moonshine“:

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