Linksys E1000 Cisco Connect Software

Cisco has launched new software with its new E series and Valet routers. Cisco connect software will make your network setup very easy. It can transform anyone into networking expert.

Linksys E1000 is nothing but Linksys WRT160N router with the Cisco connect software included. Linksys E3000 is nothing but Linksys WRT610N router with the Cisco connect software.

You can use the Cisco connect software for the initial set up of your new E series router. While running the software for the first time it will ask you to connect the modem to the router. But will not ask you to connect the computer to the router. However it will be better if you connect the computer to the router with an Ethernet cable. Otherwise it will not find the router and you will get the error “we did not find your router”. Run the program and at the end it will connect you to the Internet. You do not need to do anything.

The software will do all the settings on its own. It will also create the new wireless network with the unique name and password. Your wireless network name will be fully name like the name of fruit or animal with color for example white monkey or anything else. You will get all the wireless settings at the end of the installation. You can later change the SSID and the security key.

It is recommended that you should change the basic wireless settings using the Cisco connect software and not the router web based utility. If you change the security settings using web based utility then the software will no longer work. Also the Cisco connect software is not compatible with WEP security settings.

You can set up your E series router without the Cisco connect software also. You just need to open the setup page of the router and change the settings manually.

You can set up your E series router without connecting the computer to the router with an Ethernet cable. Reset the E series router to factory default settings. Now, search for the wireless network on your wireless computer. You will see your wireless network name as “ciscoABCDE “where A, B, C, D, E will be the last 5 digits of the serial number on your router. Check the last 5 digits of the serial number serial number at the bottom of your router. Connect to that wireless network. The default password for that network will be “password “. Once you connect to the wireless network, you can set up your router. Again you can run the CD.

Once you install the Cisco connect software, you will find this software under all programs on your windows computer. When you open the software, you will get 4 options there.

Computer and Devices: You can create Easy setup key to connect other computer to the wireless network easily.

Parental control: you can restrict the Internet access for a particular tile.

Guest access settings: Here you can manage your guest access settings.

Advanced settings: You can change the name of the network or security settings. Also you can open the router setup page.