Loser.com redirects to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page

This comes after Trump has lost the election to Joe Biden (Photo: AP)

The website ‘Loser.com’ is directing guests to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page.

The site began to link to the president this week after it was announced on Saturday that Joe Biden had won the election.

It is not clear who runs the site, but the domain has been registered since 1997, and has linked to multiple celebrities and politicians throughout its run, including 2000 Presidential candidate Al Gore, Kanye West and now Trump.

The site does not make money on ads and doesn’t receive too much traffic, yet it has become one of the Internet’s longest running ‘trolls,’ according to the Washington Post.

Trump frequently calls his opponents ‘losers,’ even going as far to say the name about military servicemen, according to The Atlantic.

He has also been called a ‘sore loser’ by many news outlets and prominent figures due to his refusal to concede defeat.

Trump has called people loser many times throughout his career (Photo: AP)

Biden has clearly won the election with 290 electoral college votes, but Trump is suing in multiple states, claiming that there is voter fraud and ‘rigging’ by Democrats.

He has not provided any evidence to support these claims, leading news organizations including Conservative-leaning Fox News to sometimes cut away from news conferences that push out this message.

Twitter has censored the president for putting out false and misleading information.

As Trump whines and complains about losing, Biden is setting up a new coronavirus task force to deal with the pandemic.

Trump is firing people with 72 days left to go in his presidency, letting go of his Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

It is not clear if Trump will bring his election fraud claims to the Supreme Court, but Biden is set to take over the White House in January 2021. Trump is also said to be seriously considering running again for president in 2024 if he cannot stop Biden ascending to power.

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