• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Making Your Websites Earn Money Even If You Are Sleeping

Do you have a website? Does your website earn some bucks for you? Do you want it to lead you serious cash? Then you are at the right place. Many people today and they are maybe like you that would want to have a serious flow of money even though they are peacefully sleeping, and I mean it literally. So this people are a little bit lazy by not stretching their bones, but what we have here is better than working in a food court or any establishment if you are very eager to construct many kinds of words, prose, sentences, paragraphs or any kind of group of words. To have this tips work on you, you are required to have a website and an electronic money receiver.

So if you have already a website then we must proceed now and skip these procedures, but if you do not have yet then construct one. You could choose from freewebs and multiply or any kind of webhost. And if you enjoy them putting in a way that you must combine codes then you can, use notepad or if you are very serious in making it offline then use the softwares such as Microsoft frontpage and upload it.

Once you have a website with a lot of worth reading contents then you may now proceed to some of these steps:


You must promote your website and you must consider the aim that it must be view by all people of the world, I mean it must be very famous to different people and they are considering to subscribe to your site. Follow some of these tips:

o Posting some of articles

Write articles about your topic about your website and post it to bigger or more famous than your website and it mayought some of their visitor back to your website. With this technique there would absolutely a visitor to your site. You can post your articles to goarticles, isnare, article-emporium and to other websites, and please aim to post it at least 20-50 websites.

o Partnership with other webmasters

It is one of the very effective way of approaching a visitor is to have a mutual relationship with other sites and ensure that you have the same topic so that if the visitor is finding some more he may click to the link you offered at the other website and in exchange you offer your partner a link back to his site.

o Taking advantage to free services

There are many sites that offer free services for the links of websites. They are the one taking care of your link exchange with other site and making it very convenient for you and for the second party to send some request. The advantage of this one is that they are ensuring that the two parties have translated the link correctly and that their link is posted to the different part of websites.

o Banner Advertising

It would be very easy to advertise a website if he had a banner. You may construct your banner or badge that represents your website. To do this you can do it online or download some software from download.com and use it then upload it and put it a link and exchange it with your partner.

o Promoting it to your profile especially in Friendster or Myspace

The Friendster and myspace offer a great marketing job, you can send some of testimonials containing your advertisement and Presto! You have a link, and especially then it can be viewed by their other friends.

o Post comments and participating forums

This is also an effective way of not making your website a dead link. Post comments or suggestions and leave your link and some of the reader of that entry will probably click your link.

If you have your specialty in something that you even joined a forum then you may consider posting also a very good opinion on a forum and putting a link to your site. It would be very effective.


You can not earn money by just having many visitors in your site, you ma consider joining affiliation or other site that offers a many by putting an advertisement on your site or any link. You may consider knowing their classifications:

o Pay Per View

There are sites that advertise a certain sites and if a certain visitor viewed it then money will come in to your electronic bank account. The usual amount of per view is $ 0.01. It is a worth of making website and audience from visitors.

o Pay Per Click

This is effective if your visitors are not yet contented to your site and finding more information. They may refer from other links that you are offering. They pay much more than pay per view. So remember that you must have a related topic to such links so that it will not be very confusing to your viewers.

o Pay Per Lead

A kind of scheme where the advertiser pay only money if their intended action is done to their sites through the link that the webmasters had. Some of the webmasters use promos so that the advertisements can be click and earn some money but remember that you have your own website and you must not provide more visitors to your competitor.


The most simple but effective way of having visitors is by telling it to your friends, relatives or any people. You may ask them some of their time to just open your site and offer it to other people.

You may post some articles or articles at the free columns of magazines or newspaper and take advantage of it. Or simply post a banner or flyers and just tell the people that you have a site or something.


The best way to have many visitors is to have a quality contents or at least worth to read articles. If there are certain visitors who have enjoyed viewing your site then you may expect a subscriber

o Up-to-Date

Making a website is also making a responsibility for your self. Making a website is also making responsibility. Make it contents swaying with the latest events or in a short word updated. People will not waste their time reading obsolese data which they are always reading at your site so please do not make them hate your site. Once that you have your massive viewers then they may subscribe to your page if the contents has the latest and always up to date. It makes sense to the viewer to always visit your site if he knows that there would always be new articles to come.


You can write effective contents if you will enjoy what are you writing so make sure that you are writing the topics that arise your interest and emotion and I will assure you a great impact to your site.


You must hurry making your site, because making means that you are building it step by step so you must offer a lot of time of it. You may build a site by not only a month but years. Do not worry, just enjoy it and you will surely follow the flow on how to do something different and amazing and believe in yourself.

So, after you finished following the step by step procedure you would feel great. So keep smiling and have fun.

And always keep typing your contents. TAHDAH!